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I haven't held a job and I am preparing to apply for internships soon. I don't have any work experience. ZERO. I don't know what I'm going to do here. However, I have a handful of community services activities I have participated in. But I don't think that is a substitute for work experience. Help
Is the ground chuck better than ground beef?
Thought i was over it... but it just hit me again today. I said, man that bitch is cold. But im cool with it now. Seeing her again will be kinda awkward.
Would you go against wearing cufflinks to a job interview? Would barrel cuffs be a safer option?
Burgers you make yourself in your home. I add a little pepper, some onions, and some seasoning. What do you do?
Is there anyone on this forum built to handle BigLaw?
Fall is almost here and I am looking for plaid shirts. Especially the ones with the slim fit to them. Any suggestions?
Where all the Ivy League Law Students go to make $125,000 out of law school. Tell me everything I need to know.
Is asking for her number considered a leap?
Am I foolish for going in for a second shot?
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