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Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Hmm? No. I found the people to be absolute idiots. Ended up going to Lehman instead (this was 2003). A fellow Yale alumnus hired me on the spot! I was only joking around. But could you comment on the internship application process? You're from Yale? Uh oh...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I turned down a GS internship. Not worth my time. You're lying.
Yes. You are correct. Thanks
If I compose the resume in iWork '09, how do I make it into a PDF?
Obviously I am sure most on here are making at least 100,000. But lets put this into perspective. You're an undergrad, and you are looking for an internship. What would you do for one at the great Goldman Sachs, an acclaimed "BB."
Just got some ground chuck. 80/20. I'll tell you how it goes.
Do you recommend I draft a resume from scratch instead of using a template? I could fit honors, activities, college, skills, etc all on one page. What font? Times New Roman?
Look at this template. I found this in the iWork '09 template files.
Alright, thanks.Now it isn't so much of a worry building a resume, I think I should be worried about getting an internship without any work experience.
What about certain programs I've participated in?
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