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Posts by RetroFlow I just ordered those. 100 count
That is all. Just the mustache under the nose, so nothing extreme is needed.
Would these suits be only available in retail RL stores?
Saw this posted on another forum. Only thing I like is the last suit.
I normally bought Trojan, but now I'm considering Durex. Does it really matter?
Try Calvin Klein or AA
Quick - RLBL or Gucci? Suits, shirts, ties....
Thats what Im looking for.
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ I got a MacBook Pro 13" last week, first Mac after 5 PC laptops in 11 years. Battery life is unreal, browsed web and played music for 3 hours and still had estimated 4 hours left. I'm sold on the nonremovable LiPo. Can't figure out OSX yet. Took me a while just to install Firefox. It looks pretty though and isn't as annoying as Vista so far. Unibody is great. No stupid plastic trim pieces to superglue back...
Im thinking about Gucci for business attire. Meaning, suits, dress shirts, and ties. As far as I know, everything is made in Italy. But how is the quality? Gucci is definitely a hot brand now, due to its mainstream exposure. Could the high prices be a result of that? Or a result of high quality and great clothes?
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