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We shouldn't seek to destroy our peers. Collaboration within a group, coupled with hard work, should lead to success.
Quote: Originally Posted by dl20 you're not the only one. I think yur gay too. You need to talk to conne. dl Do you think this will change how he views me?
If I am 13, I am way ahead of my time.
1.) I am not a normal person. 2.) I try to act normal by showing some interest in girls and attempt to "pursue" them. Boredom follows and I am back to thinking about making money on Wall Street. 3.) I'd rather be wealthy than to be happy. 4.) I like to buy expensive clothes. 5.) I don't see a purpose in love. I only see distractions. 6.) I could like a girl one minute; the next, I've found someone more attractive. 7.) When I speak to people, I am alert and...
Whats so fun about a party school? I'd rather be in the library reading books.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano I went to the "Ivy League" of community colleges. We all have a little Ivy League in all of us.
who are the other ivy leaguers on SF?
Quote: Originally Posted by SField He went to Brown. I've researched him as well. I meant an "Elite" Ivy Leaguer. Harvard, Yale, Princeton. The big three.
Is he an unsung genius on here? Mafoofan seems to get all of the attention, yet he isn't even an Elite Ivy Leaguer.
I wonder if he lives vicariously through his forum account. Meaning, he really isn't a scholar -- Yale and Princeton and all of the perks that come with that ensemble -- but more of a conservative. You know, laid back, old-schooled fellow who headed North to find work to provide support for his folks back South. Perhaps it's all nothing more than a fantasy, or a dream (for the optimists).
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