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It would mainly be told in the future. With the beginning righting my wrongs, and the future being a nice one.
Told in the third person. With the person you're describing (yourself) is the person you wish you were or wish to be?
Haha, I didn't mean wearing them all at the same time. I meant like a black tie with maybe a charcoal suit, or a black tie with a black suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell You're Patrick Bateman. What do I win? Nah man.
Pardon my noseyness, but who is we?
I just ate some. Tasted good, could have been meatier though.
not sure what you're talking about. aware me
I will not tolerate insults in my OWN thread.
I dont always do what I think.
This includes black ties, suits, and dress shirts. Is it okay?
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