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Syllabus has been released and my professor posted the textbook on his website. Since then, I have read all the way into November's assignments, and have drafted outlines for each chapter. I HAVE NO LIFE.
Very clever, Metro. How about you take a job as my assistant? -B
Something to relax to. Make me think a little. Heck, something that may even inspire me.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Ohio State was my top choice, but no dice. Cant get 'em all.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Hmm, I could write a book on that. I don't regret it. Getting the chance to live in NYC as a young kid was very exciting for me - I think it helped me mature and develop a personality that's led people to think I am older than my years. We didn't have much of a college scene - it was all bars and exploring the city from the start. The campus is a central point and there is more of a tight-knit community than NYU,...
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles I wanted Ivy and NYC so my choice was made for me. That and not getting into Harvard, which is the only other place I would have preferred. Columbia or NYU?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tangfastic No hesitation New York for me. I've just applied for a big pay cut for a job in a bigger city I really like. I've been on an average wage in a small town shit hole for 2 years and have come to the conclusion I would rather be poor(er), feel like I was living my life and be surrounded by possibilities and opportunities. There are mitigating circumstances in my situation - Its a city I've wanted to live in since I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx North Dakota for sure. Will save a huge amount of money, live in a mansion, cleaner living and I can have enough money to go fly to NYC whenever I want and live it up for a weekend. 125k in NYC, I'd be living in a shit box worrying about budgeting. Wouldn't it make you work harder?
Live in the middle of nowhere or take a smaller salary and live in one of the greatest cities in the world?
This isn't meant for national distribution. Although if I do become someone truly great, the public can see I saw it all before it came to fruition.
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