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sounds pretty basic my dorm next year is going to be filled with art i bought at yard sales (2)
kill yourself
When i was in high school some girls told me i looked like Lou pucci
Apparently there is a Popeye's in Kenmore, will be checking it out this weekend. Back to fashion talk plz?
I have a G-Shock
False. Helios was the Greek god of the sun. The isle of Rhodes was produced when he boned a nymph named Rhode.
My girlfriend and I are on Season 2 of the Killing and are thoroughly enjoying it. I'll be sure to suggest Forbrydelsen when we're finished. RFT: Has anyone else had drastically different experience w/ customer service over phone vs. over email? I bought a five-panel hat from a streetwear webstore (Mishka NYC) and they sent me the completely wrong hat. When I sent them an email requesting an exchange or refund, I received a one word response informing me I'd been...
Get the Kent Wangs. you're gonna regret the red heel on the adidas
that list should be "top five high top sneakers available at ssense"
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