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A friend of mine is going to Japan for a month in the summer, and I was thinking of organizing a proxy buy for some Sams w/ the old arcs and tab (or something else) if there's any interest. Any takers?
equals what?
hate to break it to you but the only pair of (what I think are) 47s left is a 33. the other pairs are some sort of flare with shallow arcs
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman Took a shower with my raw Dior's on.... this what I'm going to do for the 2nd wash of my NS
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz if you go to williams, then yes. ive only worn them like 4-5x No, I guess it wasn't you then. This dude is a brother at my friend's frat at MIT. Anyway, he rocks them with hypebeast gear, not RLBL
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Have you checked out Uncle Pete's yet? I think that it is on Charles Street. Opened up by the former buyer for Concepts, who is the guy who brought in RRL, Common Projects, etc... I saw him in January at the News showroom making a Shipley and Halmos buy, I think. I think that the store ought to fill a good niche. Stel's is more grown up and sophisticated (especially their women's buys), and Alan Bilzerian, which is...
ppllzz i met a dude about a month ago who had the rainbow js wings... was that you???
the staff at the basement location do suck, and have no idea what anything from the clearance stuff is worth. The 39 brattle store, however, with the exception of the manager is staffed almost exclusively by polite, attractive saleswomen Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug It's nice there are places like Stel's and Alan Bilzerian and i'd like to see another similarly run store but with a slightly different aesthetic or different buys to mix it...
street level, the 39 brattle street location. although the basement location at 11A brattle usually has some of the street level one's past season stuff on decent discount... some CDG SHIRT oxfords and tees, acne basics, some gant and r&b oxfords, S2A jeans for 70, LVC for 80, r&b shirts and jeans. size selection on tops isnt great, mostly L and XL with a few S and M
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