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Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you if you had 5 grand to spend, you would build a wardrobe of "engineered garments priced stuff?" think outside the lumberjack box I think he meant pieces priced similarly to EG, not the aesthetic itself...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Supreme has done some good stuff. I guess, if you look beyond the basics or graphic tees that they just slap a logo on... but I guess that's no different from most brands. Still, a couple of my friends are pseudo-hypebeasts and the way they sweat supreme is ridiculous.
Selvage used to mean something man...
The problem with takin style advice (or any advice, for that matter) from publications like Esquire with such a large reading audience is that writers inevitable have to water it down in order to appeal to and be accessible for the majority. Regardless, I agree with other posters that its entirely possible to build a presentable wardrobe for work and otherwise for under 5 grand.
Quote: Originally Posted by Max Biggavel consider the leopard one copped (0) and also this Wow, I never thought anyone on SF would pay good money for Supreme. Camo jacket is honestly not that bad, but that varsity is bleccch.
8138s and RWIs are two completely different boots bro
Oh my bad I misunderstood. Seeing as the episode only aired tonight, it probably won't be online til later this week.
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex =( I still have a bit of inner hypebeast in me. I hear you brother. Even though I never bought into any of the clothing, I still have numerous kicks that I wear quite frequently. I've only recently started phasing in some real "shoes". The hypebeast aesthetic repulses me, but I think that when you're young, dunk SBs and the like can still be integrated into casual fits.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum is this online like episode 1 there you go
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