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Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong Kent Money is the new Xenox. What makes one the new Xenox? I'm new here, please me.
Jeans are def DH, you can see the darting. How long have you had the Earthkeepers, and how've they held up, especially the sole? I was going to get a pair for the winter but I decided against it after having read a lot of review that said the soles wore down really quickly.
Hear, hear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Money Mostly playin 's advocate, but I truly do hate 99.999% of television. And I'm pretty passionate about my hatred for it because I think someone has got to be. I've noticed something about those med students who watch ER and shit. They're typically asian, they're probably getting into medicine because of parental pressure, and they're typically people who watch TV because it's like they are vicariously living the...
I was thinking of purchasing these a while back, but the MIC factor turned me off. If quality isn't an issue, I would definitely prefer these to 875s. I've always disliked the bulbous moc toe on the legit Red Wings, and these are a cheaper alternative with the look I would prefer. Right now it's between the RWI and some Eastlands. Do the RWI have a vibram sole as well?
Yeah I was just reading a teaser summary of the episode that mentioned JV. This is def. gonna be the show to watch. Would watch it as it comes out, but I don't have cable
I wouldn't get too worked up about it. If anything, I'm happy to see that there's a show out there that addresses our segment of the TV-watching public. With shows such as these there is always the danger that the masses will misinterpret the parts that have been changed/annotated/glossed over to make them more accessible and palatable to the general public, but true denimheads will be able to appreciate the show despite changes to or omission of certain details. I mean, I...
Didn't know there was a second episode; I gotta check that out.
Quote: Originally Posted by pronxs what model is that? ST-210 if I'm not mistaken, the sulfur-topped indigo denim.
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Anyone watch episode 1 of How to Make it in America on HBO? Was kind of funny to hear talk of selvage and left hand twill on TV. If making jeans becomes a central part of the show, I won't be able to help but watch it. Not to mention, cudder is on it. Yeah, I saw it. During the party scene, I thought to myself, "is that Kid Cudi?" I later looked it up on wikipedia to be sure and was like "dayum". Lucky for...
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