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Quote: Originally Posted by jet Zrules/ZenL has got to be the stupidest troll in a long time, du made kent look like a rocket scientist. sigged
Is this you?
Quote: Originally Posted by ZenL What did I do that was against the rules and how am I Zrules? are you really that stupid? check the lower right-hand corner
A friend of mine is going to Japan for a month in the summer, and I was thinking of organizing a proxy buy for some Sams w/ the old arcs and tab (or something else) if there's any interest. Any takers?
equals what?
hate to break it to you but the only pair of (what I think are) 47s left is a 33. the other pairs are some sort of flare with shallow arcs
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman Took a shower with my raw Dior's on.... this what I'm going to do for the 2nd wash of my NS
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz if you go to williams, then yes. ive only worn them like 4-5x No, I guess it wasn't you then. This dude is a brother at my friend's frat at MIT. Anyway, he rocks them with hypebeast gear, not RLBL
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Have you checked out Uncle Pete's yet? I think that it is on Charles Street. Opened up by the former buyer for Concepts, who is the guy who brought in RRL, Common Projects, etc... I saw him in January at the News showroom making a Shipley and Halmos buy, I think. I think that the store ought to fill a good niche. Stel's is more grown up and sophisticated (especially their women's buys), and Alan Bilzerian, which is...
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