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check PM
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Wish you would do daily updates. is my sarcasm meter still working?
Quote: Originally Posted by am12 I'm looking for a decent looking pair of black sneakers to wear downtown with some jeans and a button down. Maybe pumas or something? Id rather they not be shiny leather, just something basic that won't stand out or look like I just came out of the gym. take a look at common projects, the leather spring courts, pf flyers albin, and creative recreation
Quote: Originally Posted by Ibrock I can't believe how easily you guys get provoked, this is the internet for FFS.
what are you talking about, gavroche looks fine
I never fully understood what happened with Crate, CvsF, etc... would someone enlighten me?
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I like the name, "Real Blues Japan," better. Yeah, but then it would sound too much like Pure Blue Japan. Dunno if I like the bacpockets on these...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Money
PM sent
1. off-white Vael borg mids 2. black Vael borg lows w/white sole 3. "selvage denim" Nike terminators 4. "Shoe goo" nike dunk hi SBs 5. Navy sperry topsiders 6. "northern lights" nike dunk mid SBs 7. Nike air tailwind runners 8. metallic silver reebok pump omni lights 9. beeswax clarks desert boots 10. cherry doc marten 1460s 11. white generic surplus canvas plims 12. brown sorel pac boots 13. black rockport oxfords w/rubber vibram sole --hardly wear these...
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