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Quote: Originally Posted by itsjustadrian anybody making one in black? Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota http://www.southwillard.com/collecti...ack-boat-shoe/ and as a cheaper option: http://www.theshoemart.com/sebago-me...docksides.html Black sebagos with a black sole, not white, so idk how you'll feel about that. I personally prefer the quoddy's but for price I'd go with the sebagos.
Second. I never break my topsiders out until I can wear them comfortably without socks (read: temp is high enough). A friend of mine, however wears them throughout the winter
Quote: Originally Posted by telemark I did that. Unfortunately it was in the north of England. You might want to check out rugby, they have a fair amount of collegiate-inspired gear.
Quote: Originally Posted by denimaddict Fuck Harvard. Harvard's color is crimson
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak No angry SFers in here yet? oh my bad, I forgot boat shoes were dead (8)
I'll be wearing those exact same topsiders. And probably a pair of camel suede weavers as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by delirium so uh why was he arrested? +1
try going to college
Quote: Originally Posted by MiddleClassDude No offense to unflapped obviously, they are the mainstay. Just looking for something different for one pair. http://us.levi.com/family/index.jsp?...146842.4030735 purchase at your own risk
Quote: Originally Posted by bugger hello, I recognize this as a pic from cultizm and they do not sell dior on that site, Im fairly certain they are nudies coated denim from the book in the back pocket What a great first post! Welcome to SF!
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