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They make bball mids? or did you mean the lows Wait for the highs, definitely. hightop bballs look so good with slim tapered jeans tucked in. Plus the silhouette is so much more distinctive.
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt Thinking to buy one of each of these: 1. Superga: should I go with mids (Torino) or lows (Portofino)? 2. Chucks high: stick with the classic, or get the new slim style? 1. Get the lows, imo for mid-tops spring court B2s are superior to torinos 2. Classic, definitely. Thin sole looks uncomfortable and overly feminine. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one jacket should be kept to monochrome outfits only, IMO. Unfortunately, the very out there Raf stuff tends to be like that, and the marble stuff is definitely not a wardrobe basic. I disagree, I think the jacket works well with that shade of red, as its still a pretty minimalist palette. The pattern on the jacket keeps it from looking too conventional, which doesn't seem to be what JD is going for with...
haha why not?
^well said
I'd love a glen plaid boatneck tee
Lol @ that wallet
Quote: Originally Posted by TylerDurden I was epitome of the American Jackass/Frat boy look that is coveted at this website. that word doesn't mean what you think it means
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