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Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Those gloves are insane. Is that ostrich leather?
check PM
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Wish you would do daily updates. is my sarcasm meter still working?
Quote: Originally Posted by am12 I'm looking for a decent looking pair of black sneakers to wear downtown with some jeans and a button down. Maybe pumas or something? Id rather they not be shiny leather, just something basic that won't stand out or look like I just came out of the gym. take a look at common projects, the leather spring courts, pf flyers albin, and creative recreation
Quote: Originally Posted by Ibrock I can't believe how easily you guys get provoked, this is the internet for FFS.
what are you talking about, gavroche looks fine
I never fully understood what happened with Crate, CvsF, etc... would someone enlighten me?
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I like the name, "Real Blues Japan," better. Yeah, but then it would sound too much like Pure Blue Japan. Dunno if I like the bacpockets on these...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Money
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