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http://www.mohawkgeneralstore.net/sy...JPG?1299090812 ^in a crewneck
those remind me of the margiela moto boots
New Jil sneaks: Sole makes 'em look kinda cheap, TBH. I would've preferred a CP-type sole.
Those look good from the top but the sole kills it, IMO. Then again I've never liked sneaker/shoe hybrids.
New Converse:
^AlohaRag exclusive, iirc
Is anything excluded by the sale? APC denim, for instance?
This shirt in small: These shirts in several sizes, including S and M: This jacket in several sizes, including S and M: I don't remember any sweaters, but I'm going back soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Hey Uncontrol, I started wearing rings. How long till I start watching "Glee?" This perfectly encapsulates my response to the referenced post.
My local UO has a bunch of Gant and APC shirts marked down to $59.99, a bunch of sizes, as well as some Gant parkas for $99.99. The SA I spoke to anticipates further markdowns in a couple of weeks, but if anyone's interested they should let me know and I can get back regarding sizes and colors.
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