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Those look good from the top but the sole kills it, IMO. Then again I've never liked sneaker/shoe hybrids.
New Converse:
^AlohaRag exclusive, iirc
Is anything excluded by the sale? APC denim, for instance?
This shirt in small: These shirts in several sizes, including S and M: This jacket in several sizes, including S and M: I don't remember any sweaters, but I'm going back soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Hey Uncontrol, I started wearing rings. How long till I start watching "Glee?" This perfectly encapsulates my response to the referenced post.
My local UO has a bunch of Gant and APC shirts marked down to $59.99, a bunch of sizes, as well as some Gant parkas for $99.99. The SA I spoke to anticipates further markdowns in a couple of weeks, but if anyone's interested they should let me know and I can get back regarding sizes and colors.
Does anybody know whether or not two-finger rings can be regarded as "brass knuckles"? I was thinking of making myself some of these: in my university's machine shop using a CNC mill, since I can get 1/8" aluminum or stainless steel pretty cheap. Problem is, brass knuckles are illegal in MA, and I don't know whether rings like these are legally regarded as such. Also, would anybody be interested in a ring like this? I can make them for less than half of what S2A costs.
Quote: Originally Posted by JosiahS I like'em but the sole ruins it for me. Reminds me of Reebok or Sketchers athletics.. it's funny, the sole on the DBSS sneaks referenced is almost exactly the same sole used on reebok pump omni lites i personally like the nike sole
Quote: Originally Posted by cloonz Not a big fan of the painted GATs. Maybe because I'm a painter or it might be that the whites look stained with semen. And the reds are reminiscent of a used tampon. I like the blues, the blacks, and the silver/greys however. The gold ones are kind cool too.
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