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Thanks for the tip ludey. Phoenix I may potentially be interested in a bandana/summer scarf made from one of those linens.
That turquoise-red linen is craaazy. Where'd you find it?
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Imperial jeans are constructed in a completely different way than the rest of the jeans we carry, construction is closer to a modern jean made in small batches, also the fit is more modern with a slightly lower yoke. Thanks for the info, I'm looking for a more modern cut. What about the denim itself? Is it on par with that of PBJ, ande whall, or Skull denim (the other brands I'm looking at)? Or is this like...
kiya, how does the denim/construction on imperial shearers compare to those of other similarly-priced jeans you carry, e.g. skulls? I really like the idea of the fit, though I haven't yet tried them on.
reminds me of those thin finns with a white warp and black weft from a few years ago. "fade to black" yeah right... these N&F i'd like to see, 'though
well played
jeremy scott is one of the worst things to happen to fashion in a while those wing-ed kicks remind me of hermes' sandals
IMO the supreme jeans are better at soliciting teh ghey sex, but YMMV
Do you have any fit pics, photobooth? I'd like to see how the slackers compare to the grifters.
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