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thigh and hem measurements on the BR pants? (both pairs) thanks
top pair is best but i don't like the colorway
"In place of a hermeneutics we need an erotics of art."
I got a pair in jerusalem for like 80 NIS last may they've held up well enough since then, but the leather can chafe and blister the skin if the are too tight/loose, so make sure you get the right size
thats... actually pretty cool
at least he doesn't refer to himself in the Royal We anymore
terribad. at least the first high tops were sleek. these look like skate shoes actually, the greys aren't that bad
am I the only one bothered that people keep calling those marjellies "vag sneakers" instead of the more appropriate "vulva sneakers"? also, are those reflective? they looked like they were in the preview pics, but not in the pre-order pic (from revolve?)
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