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I'm intrigued by this. Would you please expound?
I found that site when I looked it up after I got home to make sure I wasn't crazythe way he said it sounded nothing like that. more like "simmins"
Simons is pronounced like Simmons as in Simmons College? I always thought it was SEE-mohns
I was in Concepts the other day, and some Harvard Summer School student was checking out the Rafdidas. He remarked "I love Raf Simmons" (yes, pronounced with a short i, like ASAP Rocky does in Peso), then quoted from the song: "Raf Simmons Rick Owens usually what I'm dressed in" I was thinking, if you love him so much why can't you pronounce Simons correctly... /rant
I like those Vs. rest are :/
I want that top (sweater?)
that's really cool. but IMO, sweater vests would always look better if they had armsalso, +1 for the pynchon reference
this is too cool
i should think so, yes. see below:
black ricks with white laces are actually pretty cool
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