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kvas are pointless untucked
What does this mean...EDIT-- my "Advanced club style tactic" is to wear this shirt:that way everyone knows what I'm about
i like them. of all the high-end runners (raf, kva, lanvin, etc) they're probably my favorites (after a few of the raf runners) would be better without the yellow, imo are there any other colorways?
It's a lifestyle choice.
oh my fucking god
Both, at the same time.
couple good looks in the Maharishi SS13 lookbook: http://hypebeast.com/2013/2/maharishi-2013-spring-summer-memento-mori-lookbook
himself, looks like
jimmy choos are horrible and always have been. his loafers, on the other hand... colabear, did they have the prada levitates? these:
That's how you know an item of clothing is truly Next Level, when the plebes in their incomprehension of it turn to ridicule.
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