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Ditto on the elephant grey. I might have to buy a quick-release belt if you start making them in that color.
whoadid not know he'd actually produced that many piecesalthough tbh the clothes look better in his sketches than on the runway. regardless, the fact that he's translated those ideas into tangible form is really impressive
Try Wings+Horns. IIRC Lanvin and BoO did some luxe sweatpants too.RE: Editorials -- I agree that visibility is a problem. I only ever see notice the editorials when I'm on the styleforum frontpage. It's always a pleasure to read them, but it seems like more of an effort than just clicking through the forums.While we're talking about designers-qua-artists, does anybody know what the deal is with Aitor Throup? Those Siva bags generated a lot of hype and were admittedly...
Ugh, did not notice that neon flash when I first posted those.
No, it doesn't.
Whispersilk Cloak + Platinum Angel = pwnage
You can replace the sole though, right?
I don't have any ethics either, but you don't see me complaining about it on SF.
THANK YOU KoY I've had this music video in my head for ages and I hadn't been able to remember who did it:
Why not some nice sunglasses?
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