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As much as I hate to say this, you'd be surprised.Our views tend to diverge for the most part, but you're a quality poster and that was a quality poast.
Sorry if it escaped you, but my comment was a little facetious. Currently, my sole criterion for a "valid" test of general intelligence is one that stands up to scrutiny and has more than a modicum of scientific consensus behind it. Hence my request for those more knowledgeable in that specific field to weigh in. I could do the research myself, but I'm supposed to be working... And while I'm not saying that "the man" is entirely to blame, it's kind of a bad idea to...
No, I've always believed this. I just thought he presented it well.Please do. As much as I want to believe there is a quantitative measure of intelligence my inner bleeding-heart liberal is screaming that there can be no such thing (as long as the capitalist patriarchy is the source of such metrics, of course).
Thanks for the responses guys, especially Iammatt. If that 30 point increase statistic is true, test prep is a lot less effective than I thought it was. To be honest I'm surprised SAT score is so highly correlated with general intelligence. Mind posting a source? I myself scored very highly on the SAT, but it sort of felt weird attributing that to my intelligence than the tutor my single mom paid for (and who has since raised his prices to the level that we could no...
why is it always unions...
friend posted this on fbook: America's Anti-Gun Theocrats
This.The SAT is not a test of intelligence. The SAT is a test of how much you've practiced for the SAT.
*snort*SAT Scores and Family Income
Anyone know who makes a high-rise, tapered-leg, sanforized, raw denim jean? preferably sub-$200
Since when does Yoox offer free shipping? My last two orders cost $9.95 each to ship.
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