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i like them. of all the high-end runners (raf, kva, lanvin, etc) they're probably my favorites (after a few of the raf runners) would be better without the yellow, imo are there any other colorways?
It's a lifestyle choice.
oh my fucking god
Both, at the same time.
couple good looks in the Maharishi SS13 lookbook: http://hypebeast.com/2013/2/maharishi-2013-spring-summer-memento-mori-lookbook
himself, looks like
jimmy choos are horrible and always have been. his loafers, on the other hand... colabear, did they have the prada levitates? these:
That's how you know an item of clothing is truly Next Level, when the plebes in their incomprehension of it turn to ridicule.
Ryusaku Hiruma?
Got white patent BBall highs for 150 (on sale) in 2010. Friend got black nylon training boots from the same place for 50 (on sale) a year later.
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