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What about the 2nd Amendment Foundation? They're less of a gun manufacturer's lobby.
that N(N) piece is incredible. MMM version is eh jet would be an amazing contributor to CE
tween, what colorway of the FBTs do you have? and what are the balenciagas?
Explosions at the Boston Marathon
posted on fbook by a guy i went to high school with: North Korea's Justifiable Anger just...
I took a course with this guy on proof, truth, and computability theory last year. Got an A- too. What do you need help with?
Outlier founder doing an AMA: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1c2z74/i_am_abe_burmeister_founder_of_outlier_i/
I find myself reluctantly agreeing with this, although it does seem kind of patronizing.
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