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I like that mission statement. AFAIK, MFA is inundated by people who think that prep and the GQ aesthetic are the only things acceptable.
congratulations to GraphicNovelty on being appointed a mod of /r/malefashionadvice
yes no
it does not
kixify.com is another good marketplace
i think you canI think you can just buy a regular hat and wear it further back on your head, like a yarmulke.
damn i need a cape/shawl/wrap/poncho or whatever muji had a decent one in a black wool blend but it's gone from the website now ;_;
what do you mean by "the failed promise"?
Several questions: 1) I see that the indigo unbrandeds have been restocked, will the black denim models eventually be as well? it's the black denim tapered leg (UB204) I'm interested in 2) the N&F charcoal selvedge weird guys are missing from the website, will they be restocked? 3) is charcoal selvedge N&F's replacement for the old black selvedge models? i can't seem to find the black selvedge weird guys anywhere online thanks
guess who makes these hint: same place as these
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