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well, seeing how old they are, it's possible that Red Wing's branding has changed over the last 50 years. they could also be made by Irish Setter, a separate company that makes similar boots
that's just what they want you to think
uh... this can kill you.
Nick Wooster appears to only have two facial expressions: smug and annoyed
They look like Red Wing Irish Setters. This listing estimates the listed boots (which are practically identical to the ones you posted) as being from the 1970s at the latest. In the future, questions like this go in the small questions thread.
I really like these lapels
Yohjibok Fury
throwback to when SL still made decent sneakers:
kinda cool, not sneakers tho I like these:
I'm guessing that among the #menswear set the black watch shirt is the new red chambray
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