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those are great, sucks about the availability.I don't think they would look too out of place so long as the rest of your outfit is monotone. But they're definitely not as nice as the first pair. Maybe you'll get lucky and the 95s will go on Nike ID
/r/malefashion asking the tough questions
What's the difference between the denim and the chino fabrics N&F uses? They're both twill fabrics, is there any difference in the weave?
tried on the white Command Force today. look really good on feet. not sure what that little button on the back is for. I wish nike made them in all white
Aren't those women's sizes only?
well, seeing how old they are, it's possible that Red Wing's branding has changed over the last 50 years. they could also be made by Irish Setter, a separate company that makes similar boots
that's just what they want you to think
uh... this can kill you.
Nick Wooster appears to only have two facial expressions: smug and annoyed
New Posts  All Forums: