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Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard I can't help, but you'd cetainly have as much or more luck posting this in the small questions thread or the 'I have a jean' thread. Thanks. I wondered if this question was worth a new thread at the time, so in future I will try to find an alternative.
The label says wash them cold. Should I still do a hot wash initially?
Thanks for the reply. I have been doing some research this morning and came across Son of a Stag too. There's also a one man band outfit in Covent Garden that comes highly recommended.
No recommendations?
I have just got back from the States where I bought a pair of Levi 501s size 31/34 with a selvedge. They were far too long even though I normally buy a 34 inch leg. The assistant said the selvedge jeans are longer because they are designed to be turned up, and apparently they also only come in that length. She said she could have them altered for me but my flight was that afternoon so I didn't have time. I bought them anyway as the fit apart from the length was perfect...
AS others have mentioned, have a look at John Smedley. If you're close to London they have a dedicated store just off Bond Street, and Selfridges carry a huge range too. I have bought many John Smedley jumpers over the years and found them to be excellent.
Thanks everyone for the replies. I have a lot to go on now.
Hi, This is my first post at SF, so Hi to you all. I have been slowly improving my wardrobe over the past year or so, by making sure my clothes fit much better and giving much more consideration to my purchases. I don't wear suits, but I like my 'smart casual' (funny term) clothes to look good. I recently ordered some Lodger brogues, and have always bought John Smedley jumpers. Coupled with nicely shaped dark jeans (Levi's 506 are currently my favourite), I hope...
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