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He left a cash cow business to open the most risky business of all: a restaurant. What was the worst that could happen answer a few annoying size emails, now probably stares at diners hoping for tips to stay afloat. If he doesn't start to delivery, we should go to his restaurant drink all the liquor and tear the place down so it all ends like a Shakespearean tragedy or hire a Korean mafioso to break a few!
Because its a DISCUSSION forum bruh bruh...or is this thread fanboys only??
Multiple delays and no responses...just pathetic. If that restaurant business fails (not wishing it should, but if it does) Drew will have 0 credibility as far as valuing customers goes when he comes back to this. So, glad I didn't bother ordering.
If anyone is selling a spot other than the one mentioned above please get back to me asap. Will pay a premium if one is available in a few weeks.
Take new orders.
Man Lanvin just gave up on high tops...were one of my fave.
What are AnF and Hollister doing here? These brands aren't going to exist as we know them or at all past the next decade. They are in the last phase of 'trendy retailers': Late catchup adaptations sold at steep discounts.As for the RL polo...well they are inspired by the sport of Polo in which Polos do have large labels. Think of these as sports jerseys. Not advocating these as style statements. Just what it is.On the contrary people do like Big Logos and do sell...that is...
Best alternative now that ToJ is sadly done? Clothsurgeon? I know Drew hates him. But daddy needs new MTM leathers y'all. Help.
I have heard this said before, so how exactly is lamb more fragile. Scratches more easily, just thinner or wrinkles more easily? Would calf really add many more years to jackets life over lamb?I thought this is how moto jackets with zippered sleeves were when unzipped. Must have been extreme. Any pics? So has this issue been resolved or do you have to specify it while ordering.
What are giant bell sleeves and why do they occur?10+ months!!Toj still doing MTM, but pretty much coming to an end?
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