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The use of the word "closure" should be a felony.
Quote: Originally Posted by Erenoth The Life of David Gale American History X American Beauty Clerks II Kill Bill Vol. 1 Clerks II? Seriously? Clerks I rocked, but two sucked. My noms would be The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Terminator 1 and 2, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, Alien and Aliens, and Goldeneye.
The original poster asked for fantasy but we seem to be listing sci fi as well. Here are a few more: Alastair Reynold's trilogy Revelation Space, Redemption Ark, and Absolution Gap. Reynolds is a Welsh astronomer and these three are probably the best hard core sci fi written in the last decade. Julian May's The Saga of Pliocene Exile series . Incredibly stylish and sophisticated...
Alastair Reynolds is a Welsh astronomer and one of the most brilliant sci fi writers today. If you are looking for old school hard core sci fi, check out his trilogy Revelation Space, Redemption Arc, and Absolution Gap. All three are brilliant and he has other books set in the same universe. Highly recommended.
You guys are running about 50-50 it seems. I like that Hamilton that Kaplan posted alot but currently $395 on Amazon. I think I will bite on the first one, it looks more rugged and that's what I am going for. Thank you very much for your replies, I will post an image wearing it when I get it.
Thanks for your suggestions gentlemen. Thunderthighs I was really looking hard at this watch, it's definitely the style I want, but do you need to constantly adjust automatics? I don't mind sticking a battery in every once in a while. And I like my first choice better than this one, I really like the gunmetal band. Acridsheep I don't like rotating bezels or bezels of any kind, I don't need them and they add bulk I think, which took out all the dive watches for me. I...
I'm trying to find a new watch for casual everyday wear and need help deciding between these two. I'm looking for a somewhat military looking watch under $200. My requirements are prominent minute and hour hands, not too cluttered of a background, and hands and markers must be luminescent. I prefer a steel band. Here are my two main contenders but I'm willing to look at others: Seiko Snn229P1: Seiko SND449P1: Right now I'm leaning towards the first one. ...
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe would have been a much better choice. Or Bridget Regan.
Yes she is smoking hot. I watched the pilot and it was pretty good. Not to beat a dead horse, but it was a travesty that they canceled Life with her and Damian Lewis.
This is a LIGHT down jacket, I have one, waterproof, the slash pockets are very insulated, a coat for sleety miserable days rather than arctic ones: The quality is very good but has all sorts of logos on it.
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