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I'm getting some Shepheard's Hotel, and in midwest Ohio, even! What a treat. The store is actually ordering them in for me. EDIT: I don't know if it concerns anyone, but these are actually banned, some kind of legal thing they didn't wanna go by. If they wanted them imported, the company would have had to lay down like 5-10 million dollars for some kind of insurance thing, so if anyone sued them or anything. Sounds... kind of unrelated, but the guy is really...
I'm going to to be going up to U.S. Wings in Hudson on Tuesday again, they have a good selection of Schott. Maybe I can let you know the fits. But I can tell you all the Shott's were phenomenal just looking at them.
My best friend usually dresses with a million layers, all casual thrift store items. 1 maybe 2 t shirts, button down shirt, tie, jacket and or vest, and a scarf, and a beanie. All at once, in this colder weather. He's 6'5, so he pulls it off. Pretty hilarious, though, once you think about it.
the 100$ price drop is appealing...
Don't mess it with, like putting in that part... Only push it off to one side. Just wash it, towel dry it, and let it be. If that fails, get it cut even shorter, enough to stop it from making any curls, and just get some wax and work it around... lol, bangs with curly hair? If you really want to try something different, just let it grow out to your shoulders, and get it cut to whatever length in between you like. And get a barber.
After seeing The Wrestler, I gotta side Tomei.
Surprisingly, my opinion of season 4 fell really, really low after watching the pre-air. And I loved s1-2, liked s3. I don't like where it's heading...
Guided by Voices mainly, all the time. And Third Eye Blind's s/t.
^ Yup. But the normal henley he frequently wears is identical to the AA style.
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