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Heh. Good catch!
I see you've had issues with teachers in the past.
WTF? A cat or dog? Or did you slip?
^^Not very nice.Of the above options I would get the AE Cliftons and hold off on the black park avenues. I think you'll find brown shoes to be more versatile, and the Cliftons are the best built of the shoes you have purchased.Also, you might be able to get the Cliftons for cheaper if you look around. Good luck.
What about the Halifax?
Depends on from whom you order. In general it has been taking 9-12 months.The "rules" of MTO also vary from vendor to vendor. For some, you are restricted with respect to last for specific shoes. What I mean by this is that some vendors require that you order TD to get specific lasts on specific styles, while other vendors do not.
Hi Bengal,Thanks for the (as always) thoughtful post. I'm also a big fan of pigskin, and agree with you regarding its issues. The Cleverley pigskin loafers shown below, are wonderful, but the pigskin has not really broken in and remains quite stiff. This isn't a huge issue with comfort, but as you note, this causes permanent "creases" or "rolls" at the curves or at stress points on the shoe. To me this adds character to the loafers, but could look odd on the...
Seriously guys. This is getting old. I don't have a bone to pick in this fight, but why not move this to another thread?
Gentlemen. Having a new pair of Norwegians made at JLSJ. The pattern has been drawn on my last shown below. Looking for some input from those with experience with the leathers. The bunch on the left are pigskin, the right top, french grain, and right bottom, english grain. Interestingly, some of the pigskins are much more supple than those that I have from Cleverley. The softer ones are called "Number 1" while the harder ones that are more similar to Cleverley's,...
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