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In from Lovat mill (gunclub is from C. Barbera).
These are popular in parts of the northeast (US), particularly along the coast.
Thank you. They have the hidden elastic making for a very comfy pair of shoes...
The Horween pebble grain #8 cordovan is still one of my favorites! In this case Cleverley had the hatch grain pattern pressed into smooth butts that they purchased from Horween. The texture looks alot like Russian calf. I have to say that the way they are breaking in is fantastic.
Great PTBs!
Xpost. Cleverley custom stamped Crup.
Cleverley custom stamped Crup.
Yeah, their retail prices are a rip off, but they do have nice make ups. If you buddy up with a SA they will often apply discounts to excluded items.
Other than the issues described above, they look nice. Were these bespoke? I'm starting to think that the QC for bespoke shoes is often WORSE than top end RTW. Some of my recent pair from two different makers have come back with issues you would never see with EG. These issues have been so serious that EG probably would not even sell them as seconds. Crooked stitching, poor dye jobs, marks on the leather from lasting etc.
Not this again. I'd do a search through this thread. The width topic has been done to death. According to EG, a "D" is not narrow, "C" is narrow.
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