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Sorry for the huge images. I got it from Bryan at Leather Soul Beverly Hills. Great guy.
Just got this stuff. Seems to work very well.
These are fantastic. Congrats.
I'm not an expert by any means, but it looks like the leather pulled away from the welt. You could PM DW to confirm, but if this is the case maybe you can get Alden to fix, or replace the boots.
Good to know! I hate the clickety-clack of the metal flush mount toe caps.
Can you get flush rubber toe caps?
It's an inside joke. Regardless, they are Alden long wing bluchers on the plaza last.
These cufflinks have never been used. Prices including shipping. Shipping to the CONUS only. Tiffanys cufflinks are sold. $65----$60
I have the following ties for sale. All are NWOT or NWT. Prices include shipping. Please paypal with questions. L. NWT Tom Ford Navy Knit tie 3.5 inches wide....SOLD M. NWT Holland and Sherry. 3.75 inches wide......$50....$45....$40....$35...$30 SOLD R. NWOT Piatelli (Barneys) 3.75 inches wide.......$45.....$40...$35....$30----$25 L. NWOT Sam Hober 2.5 inches wide.....$30. SOLD M. NWOT Panta.......SOLD R. NWOT Ralph Lauren ......$30...$25...$20 SOLD
Red danite.
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