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Would love a pair of these Holland and Holland specs. Did your proxy get them from the store?
By the way did anyone notice another set of changes to the construction of their trousers? My last set have less handwork and the fastening button on the inside is attached differently.
Damn. It looks like interesting stuff. Was thinking of having a chukka made from it....
Interesting- was it linen/cotton? There was one in the SIC Tess book that looks exactly like what I just had made up from Bonfanti.....
Mind sharing the vendor?Best
I'd be surprised. I've only purchased from Bonfanti 3-4 times, but it always seemed like a small operation. Not sure they would have the capacity.
Anyone have pics of the latest Breanish book?
Just break it up into separate orders. Total shipping will be much less.
They have already dropped Cleverley and are clearing out stock.
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