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I posted a pair of russian calfs a couple of months ago. I'll get off my ass and post some pics later this week. What time is it over there? You up early?
No, it seems risky. For my first two pair of Cleverleys they REQUIRED it....Kai, your JL St James are great looking shoes though. They come to Boston so I'm thinking about trying them out.
Huh. Interesting.
Wow, no fittings prior to delivery? How is the fit?
What are your thoughts regarding the quality of your Lobb St. James? I'm thinking of making a change.Thanks
Yes, it's been really bad. Very long lead times......
Yep, the English (and some other Europeans) call shell crup. Not sure why....
Great collection. Your navy crup looks much more blue than mine do!
Mulholland bag in great shape. One issue is that one of the buttons that holds the strap into place needs to be fixed. Should be around $5. Asking SOLD shipped CONUS. 16 X12X5
Very nice! If I could just figure out my size on this last these would be mine.
New Posts  All Forums: