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The sole really is sewn on to the bottom of the uppers.
Sometimes I wish I never "discovered Smirnoff" and its effects. This shoe hobby is time consuming, and expensive. I guess there are worse hobbies though.I mainly wore Aldens and Camper shoes. Very casual work environment.
Supposedly they stitch the upper to that uit sole through the bottom of the shoe. Don't know if this is true, but the inconsistency at the attachment points suggests that it could be....
Probably over a span of 3 years....
Yeah, it's pretty bad. In general the finishing is not great, but for some reason when I put them on I forget about the flaws.
So far only indoors, but they're going to make nice summer time shoes.
Belgian Shoes. You guys are going to hate these. Probably the most comfortable shoes I currently own.
Most pics were taken when the shoes were new. The exceptions are the Aldens b/c they were purchased before I got in the habit of shooting pics, crappy as they are.
Anthony Cleverley St. Crispin Alden (not going to post all of the ones I have) Vass EG CJ
Okay. You're putting me to work. What do you want to see?I can post images of Vass, Alden, St.C and EG shell. Remember that I am lazy though.edit: also posted CJ and AC.
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