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At least 6.
My first EG MTO. Very versatile shoe.
The first set of photos, yes. The second set of photos, the ones I am asking about, is of a very popular JLSJ calf in a shade called "willow".
On a completely unrelated note, DW, do you know anything about this type of leather? The swatches looked just like any other leather, but it is creasing in an odd manner and will not take polish. The polish just sits on top. It almost looks and creases like book binder leather. Or it has a very thick finish on top. TIA.
Here are the pics.
Holland and Sherry has the one on the bottom right. Has some cashmere in it though.
I wish you were closer or visited the NE! I've seen both issues- a small tear (maybe the shell was bad) on a pair of MTO boots (a maker that does not work with shell often), and tool marks on all of my bespoke shell shoes whereas none of my bespoke calf or exotics have tool marks. I'll take a pic when I get home.
I don't know the physics, but I suspect that due to the tensile strength of cordovan, more force is needed to be applied to the last. Maybe this makes other lasting techniques impossible?All of my bespoke cordovan shoes have these marks at the heel (and the forefoot as well). It's not a big deal, but you just don't see them on RTW cordovan shoes.
Many of the London bespoke makers dislike working with cordovan due to lasting issues. Maybe this is where he got it from? Anyhow, it is clear that they don't routinely use it as you need to nearly beg them to do it. There are also always marks on the heels from the lasting process that you don't see with RTW cordovan shoes.
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