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My favorite pair of the bunch.
So much for that idea.
Have you guys ever tried venetian cream? I finally gave in and tried it. It seems to fix some of these dryness issues in a way that reno never could.
Very nice. Glad it turned out well in the end.
I tend to wear my shoes hard, but I have to admit that would annoy me.
Tad works as an independent employee in the back of the store. They are used to people bringing non store-bought items to him. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but worth it,Another option is Rizzos. He's good but expensive. Ignore all of the BS about him being surly. Not true.
Tad at J.Press.
Yes, I have a "customized last" and it has worked quite well. I have a wide forefoot and a narrow ankle. The customized last fixed these issues. I was not charged anything, but have a long standing relationship with the shop.
Very surprised by this. Did they take a deposit?
Very nice. Perfect color crup for that shoe.
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