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Are they shetland or lambswool?
Thanks!What are the second row, 2nd, 4th and 5th from top? How is the texture compared to the LL? Are they as spongy or are they dense?
That sucks. Those are great boots. I heard that you should use vinegar. There was a thread on this somewhere.
Sounds great. Thanks for the info!
Nice looking shirt. How is that fabric? Does it hold up well?
They are similar at first glance. The differences are subtle, but it is the subtle differences that distinguish a good shoe from a great one. Very little is new today in -tasteful- shoe design.
Thanks guys.
Anyone know if Edward Green or cordovan is included?
What color polish did you use? TIA
Thanks for looking DW. Maybe my last is just difficult to shape over? Anyhow, the tool marks don't affect my enjoyment of the shoes so those are not a big deal. The small tear in the cordovan on my boots is an issue b/c they were designed to be snow boots. The tear and the odd texture on those boots came from the factory and really do look like the cordovan was overstressed in that area and tore. The boots are still useful, but not really that water proof due to the...
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