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Those do look nice...... I was trying to get you to volunteer to show me the best brew pubs.
I've been very happy with Vass in the past. I really like the AH style and would like to do some exploring however, esp if Vass is moving away from previous methods of manufacture. I totally agree that it's best to try on before buying, but I haven't been in that area of the world for years. Maybe you can host me!
Definitely agree with you here. Norwegers look much better with double soles.
Can you recommend a Vass alternative that is easy to deal with (i.e. can order over the phone etc)?
Both of these have been worn 2X and are in excellent condition. Unfortunately, they don't fit, so I'm repurchasing in the correct size. Shoes do not come with trees. Asking $675 Shipped CONUS. 1. Edward Green 120th Anniversary Limited Edition Sandhurst. 9/9.5E on the 202. Rosewood country calf on Danite. 2. Edward Green Dover. 9/9.5E on the 202. Chestnut Antique on Danite.
Mine says 1 million!!! Just kidding.
That's very disappointing. Any idea when they will make the transition?
Looks delicious, but makes me dizzy....
You're back!
Thanks! They're E.
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