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Yes, the price difference is significant. My first pair are on commission right now. I was dubious about the lack of fittings, but we'll see how they turn out.
There is no last fee, although they often have discounts for additional pairs ordered within a calendar year....
Might also be pattern matching issues. That adds to required lengths.
Up late, or up early again my friend. Insomnia?
Unfortunately, this was done primarily by trial-and-error. Tom knows my feet pretty well simply by what I've ordered in the past, and our similarly sized and shaped feet. He was therefore able to help me choose the correct adjustments to the custom last. Furthermore, the first couple pair of SCs purchased pre custom last were not perfect fits, but allowed us to make logical choices regarding alterations (I'll probably be selling these BTW). I'm sure there is a more...
The fit is great- SCs have a ton of stability at the arch due to wood pegs they put in at that area. While this pair lacks the pegs, it remains very stable at the arch. I wouldn't consider myself someone who needs arch support, but for some reason the added stability makes SCs extremely comfortable. SCs are the most comfortable RTW shoes IMHO.
Thank you! Tom and I designed it by taking elements of the Dover and incorporating it into the JM Weston Chasse. We then added the Norwegian welt. I have a last at SC- not bespoke, but they took a standard last and modified it. Not sure what to call it. Anyhow, the shoe is available for special order at LS.http://leathersoulhawaii.com/new-arrivals/
+1. I can't get enough of that Inca calf.
Cross post. MTO St. Crispin's from Leather Soul.
MTO St Crispin's fresh from Leather Soul.
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