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Only the blue is available. sOLD These are 1.7 meter cuts. I paid 60 USD for each. I'm asking $40 shipped CONUS.
~5 years old. Always kept at 70/70. Asking $20 each. ALL SOLD These retail for ~$30 each
I have two cuts of shirting from Alumo. Each cut is 2 meters, 150cm width. These are Supralux and have a very nice hand. Only the plaid is available. Asking $90 ---$80 $70--$60 per cut shipped to CONUS.
Anyone visiting Fosters for their US visit? Going to be my first time coming up this week. Interested to see what they are like.
My favorite pair of the bunch.
So much for that idea.
Have you guys ever tried venetian cream? I finally gave in and tried it. It seems to fix some of these dryness issues in a way that reno never could.
Very nice. Glad it turned out well in the end.
I tend to wear my shoes hard, but I have to admit that would annoy me.
Tad works as an independent employee in the back of the store. They are used to people bringing non store-bought items to him. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but worth it,Another option is Rizzos. He's good but expensive. Ignore all of the BS about him being surly. Not true.
New Posts  All Forums: