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Wait, what?
That's how they getcha. Sounds like a nice pair of shoes.
I hope you got money back! That happened once with StC. They put the wrong sole on a pair of boots. I was annoyed at first, but wasn't really out any money so I ignored it.
Wow. When did they start charging that much for this? It was ~$200 a couple of years ago.
Did JL provide a reason for their refusal?
Thanks for the info. The flex sole sounds interesting. Did they tell you how they differ from their standard sole? Regardless, nice shoes!
Nice. How flexible are the soles on these? I've been holding off on purchasing a pair of StC loafers b/c the attributes I look for in loafers- light, and flexible soles, are not really what StC is known for. I have a pair of the kilties, that are still a bit stiff although I still really like them.
Poole is ~ £3400 for a 2 piece with basic fabric. At current exchange rates this is $5600.
Henry Poole is great, but the price difference will be very significant. If you do go that route, I would suggest asking for Alex as your cutter.
Today's B&S is also plagued by time wasters and low ballers. I would say that 70% of the PMs I get are of that nature. Sort of ruins the feeling of community.
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