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Lots of people don't see the point in EG cordovan, but to me the finishing on EG Crup is the best in the business. Well worth the upcharge.
Edward Green Dover MTO in Mink Suede for sale. Comes with double leather soles and is made on the 202 last size 8 1/2 / 9E. These have been worn ONCE and in excellent condition. Comes with Box and Shoe Bags
Nice stuff. Mind sharing the maker?
I saw this being made up at Poole a couple of weeks ago. Very nice stuff.
I don't have any St. Crispin's bespokes, but the quality of my MTO St Crispin's is comparable to my bespoke shoes. Often the finishing is better and the stitching, neater.Personally I would not use St. Crispin's for bespoke simply because they likely do not have the fitting and last making process perfected to the same level as other, more established (read- high volume) bespoke makers.
Yes, still closed channel.
Have you looked at the Dover on Danite? Kind of like a 1 1/2 sole. BTW I agree with you regarding the feminine look of the HAF sole, however on some shoes it is not that noticeable. Also, it looks less feminine once you break the shoe in.
I do agree that the heels look high in that photo. The shoes I have with HAF soles have regular height heels however.I like double soles for specific shoes (country shoes for example) due to aesthetic reasons, and due to increased durability.
Here it is. Nothing but brushing on this.
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