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Cleverley Russia Calf.
Have you ever met a real freegan? Yes, they are worse.
Eames chair?Looks like a seafoam rocker?
Meh. Each their own. To me EG shell is the best in the business, much better finished than Alden for example.
Not your everyday shoe, but pretty cool.
Crup troons on the 202 with double leather.
The person listing those shoes seems pretty pissed off. I don't blame him.
They do wear down but are very comfortable. My travel shoes are the above mentioned ravello LWB on plantation. Granted I'm not walking 7 miles a day in them, but they've held up to whatever walking I do while traveling and I don't worry if it rains.
Alden LWBs are heavy shoes, especially in shell. I have them with double leather, waterlock, or plantation soles, and all of them are heavy. I would not want to walk 7 miles in any of them.
New Posts  All Forums: