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Try Ralph Lauren too. Some stores might still have stock of the Purple Label version.
For EG, Hoves are wingtip monks. Brooks brothers had a great suede version. Sold out in my size in a flash.
Those are EG Hove no?Great shoe.
+1. Reminds me of those photos that alter your mind's ability to perceive colors by putting objects in different contexts.
It was just the two of us. Oak Room staff were kind enough to take my measurements for the making. Was very pleasantly surprised at how many measurements they took compared to most makers.....
First pair of Japanese bespoke on the way thanks to the Oak Room and Il Quadrifoglio. Blucher saddle shoes. Based on these travel shoes; but with polo reverse calf, japanese Navy cordovan saddle and heel, and brass eyelets. Looking forward to this!
For trial fitting shoes?
Had a fantastic visit to the Oak Room today. Beautiful shop and extremely knowledgeable staff. Robin was as affable as his posts suggest. Really looking forward to the Il Quadrifoglio suede and navy cordovan derby saddle shoes and future orders! Thanks again.
Dover, either in dark oak or, if you are into hatch grain, brown Utah. Hove is too sleek for this type of shoe IMHO.
These really came out well, especially the penny hole and strap. Very nicely proportioned and difficult to do correctly. I assume you designed them.
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