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He was being facetious. 3 meters will not be enough for a 2 piece suit.
^^^^^ Excellent writing skills.
Nice. Were these MTO?
They are bespoke.I would PM MoosicPa. I'm pretty sure he had a pair MTO with Russian Reindeer- extended strap loafers I believe. Anyhow all you need to do is send George Glasgow an email with the number of people in the GMTO and he's likely to work with you. Very accommodating and also a very pleasant person to deal with.
Thank you. Yes, from the folks at Cleverley.
Those are bespoke, but you can do MTO on any of these made by Crockett and Jones;http://www.gjcleverley.co.uk/our-shoes/bench-madeYou can also order direct from the mother ship rather than through a dealer.
Cleverley Reindeer Calf after some wear.
After some wear
Does N & L have any other styles left in the Russian Calf? They have been removed from the website for some time now.....
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