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This happens with bespoke shoes too? It sounds like you are having fit issues. Have you mentioned this to your bespoke maker? Next time you do MTO, ask for a wider left shoe than right.
Have you tried using conditioner? Sometimes this has the desired effect depending on the leather. Can also try neetsfoot oil or lexol nf.
Very nice.@UrbanCompositionWould you mind sharing the source for the fabric?TIA
These came out quite nicely!
Fabric #2 although I have a SC made from #1 and it gets plenty of wear.
New in box RRL Black Bowery Boot for sale. Part of the RRL Icon Core Collection. I have the following sizes 8.5D 8.5D 9D 9D 9.5D 10D 10D Bench made in England Goodyear welted. MSRP $850. Asking $450 $430 shipped CONUS.
Brand new RRL logo billfold wallets. I have five 2 of these for sale. They are very soft, highly quality brown leather made to look a bit distressed. With a tan leather inside lining and a canvas currency fold. 6 slots for credit cards and one for currency. 4.25" W. x 3.25" H. x 8.5" when open. MSRP is $145 Asking $80 for these shipped CONUS.
If you can put that on the bottom of your shoes, my guess is that you pretty much make your own rules at work.
Shoes look better when they are worn and not pampered. Every day is never good for them though. My advice is not to wear the same pair of shoes on consecutive days, and avoid wearing more than 2-3 times a week if possible.
New Posts  All Forums: