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Wow, nice shirts!
+1. If the fit is really off, more often than not they will remake the shoe. Sometimes they make "adjustments".
I would purchase products designed for leather. More specifically, I would use products designed for shoe leather.
I agree with the above for conditioners. Seems to be contrary to alot of SF advice, but it works. For creams and polish I prefer to add a little at a time though.
YES! Really looking forward to getting my length. Thanks again for putting this together. Always interested in special runs of lighter fabrics.
They have not offered Riva shirting for a while now.
Damn. I hope they weren't bespoke....
Sounds like a good workout.
For what it's worth I switched from metal toeplates to what DW described- rubber inserts at the toe. Works really well, but I have them installed by the maker.
Bick4 >>>> Saphir Reptan. Reptan is too difficult to apply due to its custard-like consistency, and does not moisturize as well.
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