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Damn. 22 Oz? It didn't feel like 22 Oz. Now I'm a bit worried. I'm having a sportcoat made from my length. Going to be a roaster, even in Boston.....
Not a fan of that zipper. Wonder if one can hide elastic under those buttons to make them slip ons......
I have a pair of NIB Alden #8 shell shortwings for sale. They come with the flexwelt, natural edge sole and are a size 8.5D on the barrie. This was a special makeup that is sold out and won't be remade for some time. Selling due to fit issues. Asking $800 shipped CONUS.
Also not a big fan of the chiseled toe on the standard De Rede. Was thinking more like Will's version, but not in pigskin.
I'm also thinking of making a tassel loafer out of unlined cordovan to keep it light and comfortable. What style are you going after? Was thinking of a De Rede after Derek mentioned it....
Looks like shoes that customers failed to pick up or had issues with.
Scabal has lots of nice options.
Go Drake's for ties. Poole is great for tailored clothing, but their ties are so-so.
pics would help
JRD mentioned that they stopped selling direct.
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