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These look great. Who makes the black ones?
Got them at leffot.
Thanks alot guys. Very happy with these. As an aside the "new" 82 last is much much bigger than the old one- at least for these boots. Went down a full half size, and they are still slightly big.
Yes they are shell. Turned out to be #8 + burgundy Utah.
Just got these today after a minimal wait. Finishing is terrific and the Utah shaft makes these very comfortable.
Seriously. Pricing is getting ridiculous.
I have a pair of Alden Brooks Brothers LHS unlined black shell cordovan. These are size 8E on the van last. They just came back from Alden restoration. Comes with box. Asking $300 shipped CONUS.
I have a pair of NIB Vass Suede Boots for sale. They come in very soft and luxurious suede. Size 42 on the New Peter (P2) last. With Danite soles. Asking $650 ---$600 ---$550 Shipped CONUS. They come with box but no trees.
Nice boot. What model is that?
NIB Alden NST in #8 shell cordovan. These are size 9D on the Aberdeen last. Asking $680 shipped.
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