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I just received my first pair of Foster and Sons bespoke and am very pleased with the results. The fit is pretty good for a first pair, and their approach to fit is quite different than other London makers I've used as you can see below. Very clean outsole. Probably the cleanest I've seen from the London makers. I have a wide forefoot, and Fosters dealt with this issue, at my request, differently than Cleverley or Lobb. Fosters is on left and Lobb on right. ...
I have a pair of NIB CIGAR shell cordovan Alden captoes for sale. They are Size 10E on the Hampton last and come with box and shoe bags. I'm asking $750 ----$725 shipped CONUS.
In addition to the split toe blucher he's currently making for me, Nicholas Templeman is also making a pair of reverse calf butterfly loafers. Here are steps in the making of my dedicated loafer last. As you can see the differences between the loafer last and the lace up last are subtle but important. One major difference is that the quarters are thinned out on the loafer last facilitating the tighter fit necessary for a loafer. The right foot of my adjusted laceup...
Here it is http://www.styleforum.net/t/362202/lightbox/post/7357673/id/1418824
Check the David Reeves thread. There is one there.http://www.styleforum.net/t/362202/david-reeves-bespoke-official-affiliate-thread
These are almost new, worn 2-3 times due to fit issues. Very sad to sell, but life is too short for shoes that don't fit. 1. Saint Crispin's size 8 1/2F EUR or 9 1/2 US. $700 shipped SOLD CONUS. 2. Saint Crispin's size 8 1/2F EUR or 9 1/2 US. $700 shipped CONUS. SOLD
Brand new with box Vass Alt Wein on the New Peter (P2) Last. Size 42. Asking $650 --$620 shipped CONUS. Comes with original box, bags, and shoe trees.
Nice. Are these unlined? Did you size down?
What are "sacks"?Bespoke shoes pay back immediately. Less tired feet, greater comfort throughout the day, and fun to design. Also relaxing to take care of while watching TV after a shitty, stressful day.
Another mottled calfskin. Looks better than museum IMHO. I think you can order it MTM now?
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