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Pile of turds in the corner of the room?
They won't make it. I tried.....
Great seeing you today Nicholas! Certainly was a nice day for your Boston visit.
In my experience, email with Dino has been spotty. Sometimes he replies right away, then there will be weeks where I don't get a reply at all. Always assumed that he doesn't reply to emails when traveling.....
I have two pair of denim for sale. 1. RRL slim fit jeans. Raw denim. Never washed or worn, but hem has been altered. Size 33 waist. Asking $80 Measurements; Waist -36 inches Front rise- 10 1/2 inches Back rise- 14 inches Inseam- 30 inches Thigh- 12 inches knee- 9 inches Leg opening- 8 inches 2. RRL washed denim officer's chino. Size 33. Never worn. Asking $70 Waist -36 inches Front rise- 11 1/2 inches Back rise- 14 1/2 inches Inseam- 29...
These are on the 1035 last and my brannock size is a 9E. I've tried both boots on, and am primarily wondering if there will be stretching in the roughout CXL, similar to suede.....TIA
Just got a pair of roughouts in 8 and 8.5. 8.5 is slightly loose and the 8s slightly tight. Do these boots stretch? Better to go with the 8s? TIA
So you're visiting NYC, Boston, Chicago and SF this time? You should do the Pizza tour of the US!
Don't know about an official announcement, but that's what they told me in person.
YES! Especially places in the South Bay.
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