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If you have a chance to post pics, I would love to see them.
Heh. I'm sure that these are still stellar! Out of curiosity, how many pair of shoes have you made for yourself? Which are your favorite?
R1 makes for a very light Dover. I have a pair in Delapre that I use for travel. They are very light. It's very thin though, and personally, I think the Dover looks better with a more substantial sole....
^^^^ Looks like Hermes owns d'Annonay and other high end tanneries. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/01/10/hermes-tannery-idUSL5E9CA7TG20130110
Personally, I would go regular welt, and a double leather, natural colored sole on this.
I hear that Hermes has bought out it's most important suppliers of leather, limiting supply to others. Also, I do have to say that JL Paris has access to a much larger assortment of high quality leathers than any other RTW maker, EG included. I bet they probably also reserve the best skins for their handbags and their bespoke operations.
I agree about the pricing for accessories. I bought a JL belt at 50% off and it was STILL expensive. Nice belt though. Very high quality hardware.
Just being cynical. For a leather that is gone forever, there are lots of shoes being made with it.
Makes me wonder why I can't order a pair MTO......
It does look like willow in the close ups.....
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