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Thank you. Yes, they are lined, and the double sole has a thin rubber membrane in the middle to make them more water resistant. With all of this, they are still pretty light!
Cleverley #4 Crup. The stitching on the storm welt was very clean....
Same here. Prefer 1b, but fine with 1a.
+1. And Harrison's oyster.
+1. I'm getting pretty fed up. I've had button flies made when I requested zippers, wrong collars put on shirts, no cuffs when cuffs were requested etc, differences in fit for trousers ordered at the same time. Also poor responsiveness via email, a big issue when this is their preferred mode of communication.Problem is there are no trouser makers that make good odd trousers at that price point. Sportcoats are a different issue.
Wait, what?
That's how they getcha. Sounds like a nice pair of shoes.
I hope you got money back! That happened once with StC. They put the wrong sole on a pair of boots. I was annoyed at first, but wasn't really out any money so I ignored it.
Wow. When did they start charging that much for this? It was ~$200 a couple of years ago.
Did JL provide a reason for their refusal?
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