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Great shoe, but IMHO no appropriate for suits....
Another beautiful Sport coat. Someone buy this!
Beautiful Sport coat. I can't believe this is still here!
Sorry, I don't, but I would ping @jrd617. I think he has them. Also check out the merino brothers facebook page. They are probably there.
W. Bill 21580 is a good forest green fabric. I believe it is genuine loden (which is both a color and a type of fabric).
Look, I'm not going to get into some flame war with you. I have better things to do with my time. Of course I respect both points of view and I can confidently say that I have purchased many many more RTW shoes than bespoke.
Well, I never claimed that bespoke is "just a bit more" than RTW. That must be coming from another bespoker.I just wanted to clear up misconceptions about pricing. Also, a better comparison here would be RTW Anthony Cleverleys vs. bespoke Cleverleys rather than mainline Cleverley vs. bespoke. In that case the cost is ~$1900 vs $3900.Let's face it. Bespoke is not cheap be it shoes, suits, shirts underwear, whatever. Some people think it's worth it, some don't. I just...
Fabric is absurdly difficult to sell here.
Most of my bespoke Cleverleys are ~$3900 USD. Not sure where these prices are coming from. Also, pair of bespoke Cleverly Croc shoes are actually cheaper than Croc Edward Greens.
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