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How do you maintain them? Any different than standard calfskin?
nice! I have the same boot. Actually prefer it in #8 to cigar, although it would be nice to have both
Not sure if okay to post this here..... I have a pair of brooks brothers LHS that I got at the corporate sale. #8 cordovan size 8.5D. Was going to return, but realized someone here might want them so will sell at cost $548.50 (had to pay shipping and tax) plus shipping. Let me know if interested by tomorrow night. Otherwise will return.
Sure- I wasn't suggesting that it's not strange. I was suggesting that shoefan was correct in stating that you can't walk in the trial shoes which I believe limits their utility. The most important feedback we've gotten from the trial shoes has been for width of forefoot and ankle, and size of throat opening....
All of my fittings with Cleverley involve a shoe that one can't really walk in- loose plastic shank, and a hollow forefoot......
Can try britex in SF or tip top in NYC.
Looking for sizing advice. I'm an 8.5D on the Barrie and need to know my size on Truflare and Modified. TIA
Time to clear out shoes that don't fit. All prices include shipping CONUS. 1. Edward Green Sandringham. These are shell cordovan MTO through Leather Soul. Subsequently became a stock shoe for them. Size 9/9.5E on the 202 last. Worn no more than 3 times since they are too big. Originally $1700 +. Asking $950. SOLD 2. St. Crispins wingtip. Size 8 1/2F EUR or the equivalent of 9.5D US. Excellent condition worn no more than 4-5 times. $620 --$600...
Very nice.
They are extremely practical to wear and require very little care aside from brushing. Zug is much less delicate than any other leather used by EG. I use my pair as snow boots/ bad weather boots.
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