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I had those made up many years ago at the Madison Ave shop. Yes, single MTO.
Do not use mink oil! Also I would not suggest renovateur- it isn't great for shell IMHO.+1 for Bick4.
Don't see it on any of my other bespoke shoes;Lobb St. JamesFoster and SonsNicholas Templeman
Interesting that you mention this- I never noticed this before! It looks like nearly all of my Cleverleys have this angling. Here are a few additional examples.
Saint Crispin's tassel loafers size 8 1/2 E which is roughly a 9D US. These are handmade, hand welted shoes and come with hand made, hollow Saint Crispin's shoe trees. These loafers are in excellent condition and were worn for 7-8 h total. I'm selling due to fit. Asking $650 $550 shipped CONUS.
Cleverley whiskey crup.
^^^^ I think this is the biggest issue right there.
I would try calling them direct if you want this resolved. The extra couple of bucks for the international phone call is trivial compared to the cost of the shoes no? Not sure if things have changed, but their email response has traditionally been spotty.
Edoya sheep hair brushes back in stock at Leather Soul. Get them before they're sold out!
^^^ Nice looking shoes btw.... Are they Will's?
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