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Did you hear that EG bumped the pricing for its crup models to $2k USD? Crazy stuff.BTW, I have a pair of those in navy crup 8.5/9E on the 202 for sale. Please PM if interested.
No. How do they ship BTW?
Wait are you sure? For me the 82 is narrower and smaller than the 64...
Worth remaking IMHO, even if it involves some modifications.
I'd prefer the brown for sure!
+1 on the barleycorn. I'd be into the large scale POW as well....
I have the following tweed fabrics for sale. The weight is really appropriate for jackets and not suits. Prices do NOT include shipping. 1. Kevin and Howlin blue herringbone, wool, mohair and cashmere. 4.25 meters of single width fabric. Very light and unique. Right fabric in photo. $250 shipped SOLD 2. John G Hardy Flannel. 2.5 meters. $250 $200 $180 shipped. 3. Lovat Mills Green Herringbone 2.25 meters. $225 ----$200 shipped SOLD 4. Scabal...
Interesting. Reminds me of summer on the cape....
Do you plan to wear a suit, sportcoat, or sweater under your overcoat? If so, it is cut too close.
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