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Uh, what is the green box for? Or do we not want to know?
Thanks for the info!
Beautiful. Deets on the fabric please?
Me too. It's one of my favorites and is interesting to visit for the sake of visiting. Cool how they have a few workbenches out in the open on the ground floor (that are actually used- someone was rasping away at a last when I walked in the first time), and the "business offices" are hidden away upstairs. Also a very interesting layout. I wonder how long they have been at that location, because the shop certainly has the feel of having been well lived in.Sample shoes...
The carpet and chairs in the pic look identical to the ones at JL St James.
Lovat mills Kirkton 551. http://www.intweed.co.uk/goods-for-sale/medium-weight-tweeds/medium-weight-lovat-mill-kirkton-tweed-551
Nice jacket!
I have a NIB Cleverley Metta Catharina Russian Reindeer Wallet for sale. It comes with 7 pockets and is in its original box. These retail for $550. Asking $350 shipped. SOLD Here is a pic from the Cleverley website (bottom right); http://www.gjcleverley.co.uk/club-cleverley/post/1786_russian_reindeer_accessories_line#.VFaXgofkumQ Any my own pics;
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