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2 years for Foster & Son? Do they visit your city very infrequently or was this an issue with outsourcing the stitching? I just started using them and was very impressed by the shape of the last that they made, and how attentive they were to fitting during the fitting stage. Turn around was 1 year though since this was a first pair.
Not alot of people have access to the skins and can do the stitching, or at least do it well. I would say either Saint Crispin's for MTO or Riccardo Bestetti for bespoke. Cleverley can get the skin, but I doubt that they would do the stitching. Gaziano Girling has the Arran chukka which is similar, and can probably get the skins for MTO, although I don't know if they can do the stitching. There might be some other Italian makers that would do the stitching and get the...
It is interesting, but the lacing looks a little bit like a corset. Maybe it's my imagination.....
Pretty cool. Can you provide some more information about the maker?
Has anyone seen the navy Utah in real life? It looks very different from one pic to the next. Is it a dark navy or a light? TIA
Turns out this is not true.......
+1. I would never use this on high quality shoes. Although I do use it to seal the stitching on my Saint Crispin's PC boots. Works wonders in the slush.
We were both lucky to have lived there once. Boston is a distant second....
Have you tried snoseal? Even more beeswax. Good at water proofing though.
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