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That does not look comfortable.....
Rather religious looking. Is that what you are going for?
Wait what?! Was it listed on their website?
Great thanks. Will try to get these during the next corporate event...
Quite a commitment.
Damn. Looks nice. So go with your Barrie last size with regular socks?
How do you maintain them? Any different than standard calfskin?
nice! I have the same boot. Actually prefer it in #8 to cigar, although it would be nice to have both
Not sure if okay to post this here..... I have a pair of brooks brothers LHS that I got at the corporate sale. #8 cordovan size 8.5D. Was going to return, but realized someone here might want them so will sell at cost $548.50 (had to pay shipping and tax) plus shipping. Let me know if interested by tomorrow night. Otherwise will return.
New Posts  All Forums: