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Go Drake's for ties. Poole is great for tailored clothing, but their ties are so-so.
pics would help
JRD mentioned that they stopped selling direct.
I have no problem with Loro Piana fabric. They make some great stuff. It's the 100% cashmere that concerns me due to wear issues. I prefer camelhair for overcoats for this reason. Still soft and luxurious, but is hard wearing.
]Sorry I don't. I have a feeling that most of their production goes straight to Kiton (who purchased them several years ago). Not sure though.
These came out great. I can see why you need a custom last!
If it is a frequently worn overcoat, I would be concerned about longevity.....
The Carlo Barbera for Harrisons is different than what is available directly from Carlo Barbera......
The Ariston cloth is significantly lighter than the Molloy and Sons. It's not really a flannel, but is very soft for a donegal. I'd email Imperato (the online source for Ariston). They will send you samples for free.
Several great options in the Harrisons overcoating book. I have one made in 83905 and it performs very well.http://merinobrothers.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=74_89&product_id=679
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