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I received some really useful insights into the loafer vs. laceup last from Nicholas Templeman who is now one of my primary shoemakers. I have permission from Nicholas to share them here; "Dear Paul, here's a couple of left-left last pictures as promised. The differences are pretty subtle but usually they add up - the casual last is a little shorter in the back and much more clipped in around the quarters to help keep the shoe on your foot in the absence of fastenings....
Looking good! Any other pics?
There's that.
These are over the top rude. You should be banned.
+1. They look bespoke. Esp the trees.
Dege and Skinner.
+1 on the captoes. JLP really does some beautiful work.
I had the same issue- importing made in the U.S. shoes back into the U.S. resulting in incurred brokerage fees. Was told it would be very difficult to get the fee back from the shipper, also UPS.In my case, since they acted as the broker and require COD to pay the fee, they were very unhelpful since cash was already in hand. So I ate the cost of the fee to avoid what was clearly going to be a huge hassle.
+1. Also the Alumo oxford cloth is well worth the upcharge.
I do. AND I have Mercer size down the body relative to their standard collar size. And I am not thin anymore....
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