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Brand new with box Vass Alt Wein on the New Peter (P2) Last. Size 42. Asking $650 shipped CONUS. Comes with original box, bags, and shoe trees.
Nice. Are these unlined? Did you size down?
What are "sacks"?Bespoke shoes pay back immediately. Less tired feet, greater comfort throughout the day, and fun to design. Also relaxing to take care of while watching TV after a shitty, stressful day.
Another mottled calfskin. Looks better than museum IMHO. I think you can order it MTM now?
Look like severed feet at this stage. Disturbing. Need soles.
Love these loafers.
Molloy an sons tweeds for the winter. Fox brothers flannels for fall/ winter.
We're having very similar chukkas made up! Mine will not have a lake and is being made in a smooth calf.What's attached to the bottom of your trial shoes? Can't tell if its leather or a big sheet of cork. Reminds me of George Castanza's "high jump" shoes from Seinfeld.
They did a great job with these.
Looking good. Any side views? Is the sharkskin supple?
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