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The originals. After 2 seasons of salty snow, including last year's record NE snowfall. Surprisingly waterproof (ish).
I have a pair of Edward Green Perths for sale. These have been worn once and are in fantastic condition. Size 8 1/2/ 9E on the 202 with HAF soles. Come with box and bags. Asking $650 shipped CONUS.
Hi All, I'm having a few lengths made up by Hunters of Brora and was hoping to get some opinions. The final fabric will be woven with shetland and will have a loose, semi-stretchy weave. The weight will be 360 or 500 g, but I am leaning towards 360 similar to this one that is already available from Brora; Of the below options, which are your favorites? The scale differs between the 3, and there are 2 color schemes that are identical with the exception of the...
No need to apologize. The first number before the slash refers to UK sizing
What is "GB"? Sounds like a measure of computer data storage.
For me it was same size as 202. I could see sizing down as well especially if suede.
Hmm. I was told by a very reliable source that the EG Utah leather is stamped Delapre......
Was it soft like the standard Delapre? Thinking of doing a banbury or Halifax in it.....
The delapre is very very comfortable due to its suppleness. It is probably more appropriate for more casual shoes though.
Has anyone seen the printed Delapre leather? EG calls it Utah?
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