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Never had a bad experience with fox flannel.
Completely agree except for shoes that are made of soft leather or that are unlined. These benefit from lasted shoe trees. I had a pair of unlined suede loafers that lost their shape due to the use of non-lasted trees.The best deal for trees were the $45 Ralph Lauren purple label Edward Green trees which are now sadly discontinued. Hit the sweet spot for cost/benefit.
You've hit the sweet spots there.
I have a pair of St. Crispins' for sale. Size 8 1/2F EUR or the equivalent of 9.5D US. They are in excellent condition and have been worn no more than 4-5 times. Selling because they are too big. Asking $650 shipped CONUS. As you can see they have my initials "PC" on the sole. Show your support for political correctness, or for PC computers!
Ah, thanks for letting me know. Thankfully, no one changed the listing to something profane....
You can get Marlows on sale for $475 or less....
Crocogator shoes look best when broken in.
Nicholas Templeman does....
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