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^^^^ I think this is the biggest issue right there.
I would try calling them direct if you want this resolved. The extra couple of bucks for the international phone call is trivial compared to the cost of the shoes no? Not sure if things have changed, but their email response has traditionally been spotty.
Edoya sheep hair brushes back in stock at Leather Soul. Get them before they're sold out! http://leathersoul.com/2016/04/18/edoya-kawadamashii-restock-lsw-2/
^^^ Nice looking shoes btw.... Are they Will's?
Last time Cleverley was in town, they showed me samples of this faux pig that is actually a stamped calf.http://www.aacrack.co.uk/annonay-pig-grain-half-calfVery soft and nearly indistinguishable from pig. Personally not a fan of "faux" but could be a good alternative.
I have both and wear the dark brown suede much more often. Goes better with "smart casual" IMO.
I ordered the outsole completely handwelted. Haven't looked carefully, but will when I get home....
Honestly, it was Skoak's fantastic pricing, and finding out that you can now get fitting shoes. Getting a fresh last made really helped with the fit, but the key was the fitting shoes.....
Thanks man. Was just wondering where you've been!
X-post. St. Crispin's custom last MTO. Went through 2 pair of fitting shoes for this, but overall the fit is very good. Went with the pegless waist and the rubber sole. Very comfortable compared to other St. Crispin's I've had.
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