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Bick4 >>>> Saphir Reptan. Reptan is too difficult to apply due to its custard-like consistency, and does not moisturize as well.
Better to condition them than to polish them. I give mine a hit of bick4 every 3-4 months. Probably overkill but I live in Boston and it gets very dry during the winters.
Agree, just make sure it isn't darker than the leather b/c it could make the scratches look MORE obvious. The scratches might absorb more of the pigment than the non-scratched leather. Hard to predict. If you try this, maybe do it in an inconspicuous area.....
nope. I don't like to put polish on pull up leathers like chromexcel. Nick horween suggests that you just use pure neetsfoot on chromexcel, but I don't like using the stuff. Lexol NF is much better. Anyhow, the Lexol NF will make the scratches appear much less obvious.
For Chromexel I use lexol NF (neets foot). Remove the excess, then use a horsehair brush. The scratches won't go away, but won't be as obvious.
I once found my cat *attached* to one of my shoes. She was literally wrapped around the shoe with her whole body, holding on with her front paws while clawing away repeatedly with her back claws and chewing with her teeth. Shoes did not look dissimilar to yours afterwards.
Prefer your bumper analogy to my long-winded explanation....
Imagine a shoe with a very short overhang between the outsole and the toe of the shoe (short welt). Now kick a wall. Now image another shoe with a larger overhang between the outsole and the toe (wider welt) and do the same. The overhang or wider welt protects the toe from hitting the wall...
I asked the folks at Cleverley this same question in the past. Their answer- many London makers have the welt sticking out enough so that it is just hidden when looking from above. This is primarily at the forefoot. Appears to be standard for more casual shoes and protects the shoe from damage. There is almost no overhang at the arch since there is no need for such protection. Got a similar answer from Lobb.
Should mention again that the proportions on this one are near perfect. Really great shoe DW.
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