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I'd try Ben Silver, J Press, and O'Connel's. Brooks Brothers too. A bit early for this though.
^^^^^ These two posts above are fantastic. Thanks for the information!
It's part of the DNA in the northeast and portions of the eastern seaboard, at least among certain circles. Part of the appeal is the notion that a pair of shell shoes are a good value because they last longer than calf.
Tweed jacket, thrifted, is the way to go here.
Wow- that's pretty bad. They look like corrected grain. I had a pair a long, long time ago when they were made in Austraila. They were oiled leather, unlike your new pair. Do they sell this model with different leathers at different price points?
For male strippers?
Surprised by the machine stitched outsoles on the Peal bespoke, although at 10X cheaper I could live with that!I wonder how many pair Foster, Lobb and Cleverley make a year now. Luxury item economics.
Any idea what a pair of bespoke Peals (or from other well established makers) cost back in the 50s or 60s, adjusted for inflation?
Have you tried shoe wax?
Not true on multiple counts.1) Not all Martin Greenfield suits are bespoke, in fact most are not.2) I've seen plenty of bespoke suits that are inferior in quality to higher quality RTW or MTM. Compare fused "bespoke" jobs to a completely hand made Kiton RTW for example.
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