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Sorry, I meant top drawer....
My understanding is that it is no longer available off the shelf. I wonder if you can order it MTO or top shelf?
I only wear mine on the weekend. Considered a bit flashy here in the NE US.You can see them worn all week long and during work hours along the South East Atlantic corridor.
Incidentally, I would imagine that this would work very well in the utah due to its suppleness.....
It's a nice looking shoe. I wish the vamp was a tad longer and the instep lower though.
Agree with all of the above. One thing I have to say is that the JL leather options are amazing. Both exhaustive, and very high in quality. Certain JL models are classics like the Lopez.
Something about SF is causing Firefox to stall. Constantly. Something about a stalled script?
+1. Although the JL Chambord II >>> EG Halifax.
They will make you anything that you want. Very flexible.
Great deal. Where do you get these coupons?!
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