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+1Santarpios >> Reginas >>> Upper crust (esp. the new upper crust).
Have a couple of samples. Great fabric. Not nearly as scratchy as fresco
Get any strange looks?
Ironically, I Just noticed that those aren't even mine! I thought that the person I sold them to several years ago was reselling them. Anyhow, yes anyone could do single MTO in any shell. Very few restrictions.
I had those made up many years ago at the Madison Ave shop. Yes, single MTO.
Do not use mink oil! Also I would not suggest renovateur- it isn't great for shell IMHO.+1 for Bick4.
Don't see it on any of my other bespoke shoes;Lobb St. JamesFoster and SonsNicholas Templeman
Interesting that you mention this- I never noticed this before! It looks like nearly all of my Cleverleys have this angling. Here are a few additional examples.
Saint Crispin's tassel loafers size 8 1/2 E which is roughly a 9D US. These are handmade, hand welted shoes and come with hand made, hollow Saint Crispin's shoe trees. These loafers are in excellent condition and were worn for 7-8 h total. I'm selling due to fit. Asking $650 $550 shipped CONUS.
Cleverley whiskey crup.
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