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Yes, I have the whiskey crup version. I'll post some pics tonight.
Here is their current price list for trees. Again, they are very nice but pricey; Hollow Hinged Wax Polished Shoe Trees £647.00 Three-Piece Shoe Trees £696.00 Three-Piece Boot Trees £1,046.00 Wellington Boot Trees £1,278.00 Long Boot Trees £1,823.00
Those boot trees are another ball game. Even more expensive than their standard shoe trees. Very nice though.
Does anyone know of a good source for tan on tan herringbone camelhair overcoating? TIA
This is most appropriate for sport coats. I've amended the original post.
Really? I'd be all over these if they were my size....
It's shetland and a lightweight 360g. It has a feel very similar to breanish, but sturdier. The light blue windows are 3 X 4 inches.
Custom run from Hunters of Brora Shetland tweed came in. I think it came out great and am planning another one (there is some available). If anyone is interested in a brown herringbone shetland similar to the London Lounge version, but cheaper and just a bit less springy, please PM. Best
1. John G Hardy Flannel. 2.5 meters. $250 $200 $180 shipped. 2. Scabal shetland tweed made in England. 2.5 yards of 150 cm width. 370 g. $150 shipped 3. Hardy Minnis Alsport. 2.5 meters $270 shipped. 510 g 4. London Lounge Price of Wales. 2.5 meters. around 500 g/ meter. $300 shipped (way under current asking).
Hi, The custom run of Hunters of Brora shetland tweed is finally here. This is most appropriate for sport coats. For those of you who voiced interest earlier, I will send PMs. I also ordered more than I planned to so I am selling it by the meter for $140 per meter plus shipping. I'm not making money here. Its lightweight tweed made with 100% Shetland Wool in Scotland. Very similar in feel to breanish, but sturdier. The fabric is 360g and 150cm wide and compares...
New Posts  All Forums: