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Lovat mills Kirkton 551. http://www.intweed.co.uk/goods-for-sale/medium-weight-tweeds/medium-weight-lovat-mill-kirkton-tweed-551
Nice jacket!
I have a NIB Cleverley Metta Catharina Russian Reindeer Wallet for sale. It comes with 7 pockets and is in its original box. These retail for $550. Asking $350 shipped. SOLD Here is a pic from the Cleverley website (bottom right); http://www.gjcleverley.co.uk/club-cleverley/post/1786_russian_reindeer_accessories_line#.VFaXgofkumQ Any my own pics;
Very rarely used (5-7 wears max) Ralph Lauren made by Crockett and Jones shell for sale. I have a pair of Chukkas and Loafers to sell, both size 9D. Asking $310 --$300 -- $285---$275 shipped CONUS for the loafers. Chukkas are sold.
I would PM edmorel.....
Sorry, I mean from Cleverley!
What are you planning to get?
Great looking boot!
Sounds like it is time to switch makers. Unfortunate given the commitment you showed by ordering several pair, and the requisite tweaking of fit that occurs with each order.
Same for Boston. Once in Fall, once in late spring. Actually, their fall visit is soon.
New Posts  All Forums: