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Some nice ideas here. Have you used Bestetti before? I'll be curious how things go. Are you doing MTO or bespoke?
I asked this question in another thread, but this might be a better place for it. I have a pair of pigskin loafers that look great, but are still stiff after 1.5 years of wear (maybe 20-30 wears). Any idea on how to get them to soften up, or was this simply a bad choice for loafers? TIA
Heh. jrd pointed this out yesterday too. The scale is a little smaller on his and the finishing is different (mine is a shetland). Also, the blue is more muted on Vox's SC.Looks nice though. Did you receive your length yet?
I think that's fair. Who did you order your Vass Shell boots from BTW? Direct?
Thanks. I know there's lots of disagreement about this, but I still think that EG does shell the best.....
Sorry for the crappy iphone pics. Also embarrassed at poor state of the shoes....
One of my favorite EG shoes. Gets alot of wear.
Thinking of doing another pigskin shoe. My first and only pair has a great patina, but still hasn't really softened in the ~1.5 years I've had them. Is this what other people have experienced? Bad luck or is there something you are doing to soften the skin? TIA
lexol, VSC, and renovateur
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