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The carpet and chairs in the pic look identical to the ones at JL St James.
Lovat mills Kirkton 551. http://www.intweed.co.uk/goods-for-sale/medium-weight-tweeds/medium-weight-lovat-mill-kirkton-tweed-551
Nice jacket!
I have a NIB Cleverley Metta Catharina Russian Reindeer Wallet for sale. It comes with 7 pockets and is in its original box. These retail for $550. Asking $350 shipped. SOLD Here is a pic from the Cleverley website (bottom right); http://www.gjcleverley.co.uk/club-cleverley/post/1786_russian_reindeer_accessories_line#.VFaXgofkumQ Any my own pics;
Very rarely used (5-7 wears max) Ralph Lauren made by Crockett and Jones shell for sale. I have a pair of Chukkas and Loafers to sell, both size 9D. Asking $310 --$300 -- $285---$275 shipped CONUS for the loafers. Chukkas are sold.
I would PM edmorel.....
Sorry, I mean from Cleverley!
What are you planning to get?
Great looking boot!
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