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They're just hard to photograph perhaps due to similarity in color to the welt On a pair of JLSJ
This pair is #8. Cleverley does some finishing to the shell so it looks different than standard #8. Same for a pair that they made for me out of #4.
Toe stiffener looks to be leather that's glued in (felt and looked like plastic). Here is a pic of the heel.
Probably is a stiffener behind the suede. Good call.
These are indeed unlined and the heel stitching is for a suede insert that sort of acts like a stiffener. My unlined suede loafers have this too. The toe cap is a glued piece of plastic (maybe celastic- can't tell) and the lake is lined with a thin leather. Overall good structure to these compared to other unlined loafers.....
That's what the English call cordovan....
Funny that you should mention this- a whiskey cordovan "LHS" is up next for my loafer last at Cleverley, partly prompted by your post several months ago. Love the originals but my damn ankles make them impractical due to fit.
Cross post. Crup "Lopez" by Cleverley.
My crup "Lopez" by Cleverley.
This does happen in some of the bigger cities. You'll see announcements pop up now and again.
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