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Hmm. I was told by a very reliable source that the EG Utah leather is stamped Delapre......
Was it soft like the standard Delapre? Thinking of doing a banbury or Halifax in it.....
The delapre is very very comfortable due to its suppleness. It is probably more appropriate for more casual shoes though.
Has anyone seen the printed Delapre leather? EG calls it Utah?
I had the facings shortened 1 mm due to my low instep. Other than that they are standard. The R1 is significantly lighter than single leather IMO. The shoes feel almost as light as sneakers.
My lightweight travel shoe project has finally arrived. Delapre Dover on the 202 with a R1 sole. Overall a very light and comfortable shoe.
http://www.marlingandevansltd.co.uk/It's not fancy, but should do the trick. Was thinking of using Navy Slawit to make up a peacoat.
Yeah, It is crazy. $2200 for some models. I assume that must be for boots. They are dealing with the Horween shortage in their own way I guess.
Did you hear that EG bumped the pricing for its crup models to $2k USD? Crazy stuff.BTW, I have a pair of those in navy crup 8.5/9E on the 202 for sale. Please PM if interested.
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