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So you're visiting NYC, Boston, Chicago and SF this time? You should do the Pizza tour of the US!
Don't know about an official announcement, but that's what they told me in person.
YES! Especially places in the South Bay.
Lobsters are great too.Steaks from high end (or even mid range) steak houses, even some of the nicer chain restaurants, generally come from free range cows that are BGH or antibiotic free.Lots of it comes from here or farms with similar husbandry practices;http://store.nimanranch.com/?gclid=CPnU8InNrsgCFYQRHwodGZkNBQ
+1. Nice shoes!
Unless you're going to Peter Lugers, best bet for steaks is Chicago, also on your itinerary. Aside from Boston, it looks like you're hitting many of the great food cities of the US. Hope you're bringing your bike to work off all the calories!
Interestingly Huntsman waxed flesh has seen a recent resurgence. It's being used for faux work boots and casual shoes b/c it quickly looks distressed.
Is this what you're talking about?http://horween.com/101/the-leather-that-has-3-names/
Thanks for the advice guys. Started simple with this pair; http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/footwear/boots/service-boot-rust-horween-chromexcel-roughout-suede.html Now that I'm wearing jeans again, have a feeling I'm going to be jumping into the Viberg rabbit hole....
Wonder when it was in use or, if used on shoes, where. All of my JLSJ are stamped "Lobb".
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