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For water marks on cordo, I wipe the area with a lightly damp cloth and leave for 24-48 h. This makes the spots blend in. Then I brush with a horsehair brush.This is based on the advice of Nick Horween.
No. Even if it had a stormwelt.
That's a very thoughtful wife you have.
I wonder who wears things like that.
My mistake. The website shows the stitching on the soles.
If only!
Those hides are beautiful and I'm sure the shoes will turn out very well. The longer vamp is a nice touch. Mind sharing the source for the skins?
Going with Cleverley for the loafers (having them reproduce the Navy crup pair in the photo that I received last year) and JLSJ for the boots. Those brogues are pretty damn nice and a Fosters signature style. The butterfly loafers would also be nice. Do you know if they are elasticized at the instep?
I thought this could be a good place to share design ideas. What do you have planned for next year? So far; 1. Brown subtly textured George boot with buckle in a soft leather, possibly baby llama if it can be sourced. 1 1/2 sole. Based on these; 2. Brown or chestnut loafer, mid length vamp also in a soft leather. Single sole. Identical to these; 3. Same as above in brown suede. 4. Chocolate brown captoe derby in boxcalf with subtle broguing. Double...
And I would avoid those jay butler shoes if possible. They look like low quality glue jobs.
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