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They were $2500. I was lucky enough to get the last slot.
Are we talking shoes made on the "new" 82 last? EG remade their 82 lasts since the old ones were getting all used up. The replacement 82 lasts are significantly bigger than the ones they replaced. As a result I sized down a half size relative to the "old" 82 lasts. Now my 82 last size is the same as my 202 last size.
I am wondering if there are significant quality differences between the two companies post split. Would particularly appreciate insights into differences between the Lotuff zip top briefcase ($680) and the original version by Frank Clegg ($850). TIA
The Ralph Lauren purple label trees that were made by EG. Not sure if these are still available, but they were a steal at under $40 on sale.
I have a sample of the Horween Zug. For what it's worth, it compares well with the Zug Galways I have. Very similar.....
Calfskin Cleverleys
It was never common, but horween pebbled cordovan is/ was definitely available. I had a pair Alden longwings made from it for example.
I'd try to see what it looks like underneath- if it's a different color, back to the store it goes. Not acceptable in my opinion, but also fairly common to have these types of defects on Aldens.
Why not use photobucket and embed a photolink?
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