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I don't want to get involved in this gemming issue but I have one experience that could provide some insight. Remember this is a sample size of 1. I purchased a pair of cleverley RTW shoes to knock around in. These are good year welted shoes that are very nice, good quality shoes made by Crockett and Jones. They did not fit properly out of the box so my friends at Cleverley with whom I have a very good relationship, did me a favor and had them relasted on my bespoke...
Yes, it is absurd. The shoes they have made me all had some minor issues but the fit has always been the best. That said, they really nickle and dime you.You have to pay for shoe bags, trees, etc. Kind of absurd given how much more they charge than Cleverley.
+1. The creases I see and the way the toe and other wear points look really suggest Chromexcel. Also Chromexcel is a very common leather for boat shoes.I would not use Reno on these due to reasons stated in the above post. The leather looks like it could use some reconditioning to get the oils back. Horween suggests neetsfeetoil or Venetian for Chromexcel and both work well.
Any idea when the sale ends? Will be visiting Feb 7.....
+1. These are not shell. Look like Chromexcel
Nice pick ups! Where is the winchelsea from?
Thank you for putting Boston on your Itinerary!
Is there one coming up? Best
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