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For me, Bick4 replaced both of these products. Much more versatile IMHO.
It was actually very fast. I called DHL- they forwarded me to their customs collection line. In one case I told them that the item I had sent was a sport coat and not a "coat" as in overcoat, and they dealt with it right away. In the other case I called and told them that the item shipped to me were alterations on a suit I had already paid duty on. Poole had labeled the package as "one altered suit", so again it was dealt with immediately in my favor.This is one...
+1 for the US as well. Recently, I noticed that they have made many errors in calculating customs charges for multiple shipments, all in the favor of the US government. I had all of these reversed, so it pays to review their calculations.
+1. The 64 is shorter in length from front to back than the 202.
As far as I know, they're always 30% off.....
You're welcome!Also, was told that there will be another BB corporate discount Nov. 19. They must be doing poorly as this is very unusual- normally twice a year. Start loading up your carts!
I think we all know why.....I have the same "problem".
Several years ago I had a pair of whiskey PTBs come back looking like ravello.......
They certainly should and used to in the past. I haven't used them recently though, and I know that they are very very busy now. Some services, such as replacing outsoles with an outsole of your choosing are no longer possible.To properly repair it they would replace the heel counter which is not a big deal when the outsole is off. I'd give them a call and ask.The one thing I would be very worried about is losing the great patina on your shoe. They used to ask if you...
I'd pay it, but I guess it depends on what the alternative is.
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