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How did you get them to cut such a trim coat? Mine are all much more fully cut, although they are SCs. BTW, I know that's not you in the pic....
Nice suit. I don't think anyone would even notice unless they were really close up. Even then it's perfectly acceptable for any situation that would require a suit.
Yeah, it's fine. Also, you should make it clear what you intend to use the suit for.....
Nicholas suggested a seamless heel counter. Aside from that, nothing really. It will be interesting to see how different it looks from EG Dovers simply based on the last.
I've always admired these (aside from the pulls). Very nicely balanced proportions. They also show alot of restraint- many Croc loafers look flashy, but these manage not to.
"this" = "+1"
I've decided to replace my favorite RTW shoes with bespoke versions. First up is a "Dover" to be made by Nicholas Templeman, who recently struck out on his own after having worked at JLSJ for some time. He has been great to work with. Will be posting photos of each step in the process. Very excited about this one. + = ?
Nice patina on these.
Both very nice!
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