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I see. Good luck with the search.
If you are slim and well dressed. Think of what it looks like if you are out of shape and dressed like a slob....
I have several, but I have a thing for coats.
+1. Sans smoke.
Just got an email from Huddersfield Cloth.This is pretty close no?https://www.facebook.com/184997944876377/photos/a.723722267670606.1073741880.184997944876377/723723171003849/?type=3&theater
What are the numbers for the left and right sample?Thanks!
Dunno but I have several pair of fresco odd trousers and they are great.
I have the following tweed fabrics for sale. The weight is really appropriate for jackets and not suits. Prices do NOT include shipping. 1. Scabal tweed made in England. 2.5 yards of 150 cm width. I don't know the weight of this, but it's pretty heavy. $150---$125 2. Reid and Taylor barleycorn. Made in Scotland. 1.9 meters of 150 cm width, 560 g weight. SOLD 3. Lovat mills tweed. 2.25 meters. $250---$225----$200 SOLD 4. Carlo Barbera for H. Lesser...
You should check out the austro-hungarian shoe thread. Great stuff.
Breathes well, much better than chromexcel and is much lighter. I don't know if this is your style, but if you summer on Nantucket, suede bucks will fit right in. I suggest the Alden ones with flex sole.
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