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My tailor had some swatches. Pretty nice stuff, but rustic looking. Don't have any other way of describing it.
Very nice! Are these antelope? How have they aged?
First application of Lexol nf worked quite well. Already more supple. Thanks again.
As always, very useful. Many thanks for the advice. Can we see some side images of your George Boots?
Did you get more shoes?! Pics!
Were these taken when you picked up your (very nice) new monks?
Yes, they're Cleverleys. As you know, with bespoke every now and then you just get something that doesn't work for whatever reason. The heel (originally incorrectly stated as ankle) pain is right on the achilles- a rather unfortunate place. I was thinking of having a standard heel stiffner, but having everything higher up unlined.I should mention that I'm going to go with JLSJ for the new boots- my last there has a taller toe box so that should fix part of the issue.
Gents, I'm going to put in the order for the George boots with buckle and am in need to advice. Here are a pair of shell chukkas I had made. I like the shoes for their utility, but there are several issues that I'd like to address with the new boots; 1) Overall balance seems off 2) Not that fond of the heel shape 3) Toe box looks off for a chukka- not tall enough (probably due to the shape of my last) 3) Shape of the quarter needs to be changed 4) The shaft causes...
That's really a nice looking boot. Did they go on sale this year?
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