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It feels very similar with respect to comfort and break-in. It is not a "pull up" leather though, so it's less casual than CXL. The leather itself is also more refined and higher quality.
Incidentally, anyone know where to source Delapre? @ntempleman @bengal-stripe @shoelover @DWFII
Delapre has quickly become one of my favorite leathers due to its comfort. Compared to crust, it breaks in much more quickly and sort of molds to your feet. It is an informal leather, however, and depending on your profession, it might not be appropriate for most business suits. It also doesn't hold a polish the way crust does, so if that's your thing I would steer clear. So far Delapre has held up very well although it collects dust easily which can be a pain. It is...
+1 on the Dover.
Nice looking boots.
Hard to directly compare. My old size in the 82 was definitely too big with these new resin lasts. Again, we're comparing two Galways so it's not the shoe pattern that caused the variability.Personally, I find the new 82 to be better proportioned than the old 82, which I found to be too slender. Looks more like a blend between the old 82 and the 202.
I wonder if EG has a long-term plan to replace all of their wooden lasts with Resin. Maybe they started with the 82 b/c it is one of the less popular lasts (no offense to 82 fans).
Not a big deal to me either way but you have Leffot and Axel's, two top tier EG merchants telling customers to size down on the new 82 lasted shoes. Not sure why they would do so unless they love returned merchandise.....
Was definitely a 1/2 size difference for me, but perhaps not for others.
I like the look of the eyelets for sure. Good choice for that shoe. A few look a bit mangled, but perhaps that's just due to the photograph.
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