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I'd try to see what it looks like underneath- if it's a different color, back to the store it goes. Not acceptable in my opinion, but also fairly common to have these types of defects on Aldens.
Why not use photobucket and embed a photolink?
One of my favorites.
How many in your rotation?
I don't get it either- shoes look better worn and with patina. But then again, some people just like to collect. There are also people who buy cars and don't drive them, or houses and almost never visit them. So.....
Looks great!
For sale is a pair of Edward Green Ventnors. Coffee Suede, 184 last size 8/8.5D. These were worn once. Asking $475 $420 $400 plus shipping.
Hope this means trunk shows to the US......
What was the weight on this? Alden suggested that it was suiting material, but it looks more appropriate for Sport coats......
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