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No idea. Looks like 202, but without a top down view......
With the near parity of the euro and the USD, Edward Green at Borghini Classic is running at ~$750 USD, shipping included. http://www.borghiniclassic.com/eshop/en/men-47#/designer-edward_green
+1. Leather Soul is a great shop. Not sure why it has fallen off the radar on SF....
IMHO you don't need to be an expert to notice the difference.Also agree.
Please post pics when done. The second pair in particular sound fantastic.
Pics? What kind of construction are the shoes?
Snagged these photos off of the interwebz. Thinking of having a pair of butterfly loafers made up. Anyone with experience? How is the comfort? Possible to put elastic in the instep somehow? A couple of options; A pair like these by JLSJ Or more like this from Delos
It is true, they are weather resistant.. Pigskin is also very unique and patinas in a wonderful manner. However, it is pretty stiff. I've had my loafers (from Cleverley) for quite some time now, and have worn them frequently. They are still stiff.
They will work in any weather aside from the tropics. I'm moving to CA- they will work there, but I just have too many boots and shoes so I'm taking the move as an opportunity to sell what I never wear....
Lived in EPA for ~3 months as a gradstudent at the farm. Until my LANDLORD tried to break into my apartment. He was probably drunk at the time, but still......
New Posts  All Forums: