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It was a "no" to shell loafers in general, although strangely, they were wiling to make a pair of crup monks for me at the time. But as you said they have expanded their crup offerings more recently so things might have changed.
Forgot to mention that they have the best arch support of any RTW maker, if that is a key issue.
I looked into EG loafers in shell several years ago and the answer was a big "no". Things might have changed though.Have you thought about Saint Crispin's (perhaps through Skoak)? They will make just about anything you want, allow last adjustments and custom lasts, and allow you to give input into any detail of the shoe, including shape of the lake etc. Also are experienced with shell. They also do not make mistakes with details as Vass often does.Crockett and jones...
Seems like a bad move although they clearly know what they are doing. It's been a long time since I shopped at Ralph Lauren, but I remember the Purple label and Black label customer coming from different demographics.
Coming along nicely. Esp. like the pennies.
The finished shoe will have the elaborate apron seam, and the reverse stitched split toe. Although, now that I've seen the way a single row of machine stitch looks, I'm thinking of having another pair done this way. Maybe a high contrast stitching.....
More updates. I was unable to travel to London for this, so Nicholas was kind enough to send my fitting shoes to Boston. Fitting this way is actually better than what occurs during short visits to the shop or during tours, because it gives you more time with the trial shoes. Nicholas used some leather scraps for these fitting pairs, but the leather was still nicer than the leather on some of my RTW shoes. Instead of using the usual "insole up in waist" to deal with my...
+1. Same for bespoke garments. This is why so many bespoke shoe and menswear firms also do RTW (see mw313 post above, which I failed to read before writing this). I'm told that in many cases, RTW keeps these firms solvent.
Edward Green.
Nope. Sadly true. JLP is even more than 6K US. Craftsmanship is higher though.
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