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I'd be surprised. I've only purchased from Bonfanti 3-4 times, but it always seemed like a small operation. Not sure they would have the capacity.
Anyone have pics of the latest Breanish book?
Just break it up into separate orders. Total shipping will be much less.
They have already dropped Cleverley and are clearing out stock.
+1. Big fan of danite. Heavy though.
Sorry, I have 2m cuts of each pattern....
I have a similar pair in unlined crup. These are very light, comfortable shoes that I use for traveling. They have nearly all of the attributes that you describe above and work well even in rain. Probably not great for snow, however. If you can afford the crup, I would suggest it. Much easier to care for. If not, the CXL is also a very versatile shoe.
Only the blue is available. sOLD These are 1.7 meter cuts. I paid 60 USD for each. I'm asking $40 shipped CONUS.
5-7 years old. Always kept at 70/70. Asking $20 $18 $16 USD each.
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