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Yeah, I wish I had gotten in on the brown. Was there a burgundy option too?
I missed out on the brown, but it looks like I'll be doing a Dover on the 202 MTO if the GMTO falls through. You?
Probably extremely comfortable though. Should have used the Utah up top to give it a punch.
+1. I think a double leather sole would look best on this.
Great, thanks for the information!
A few more images. They have been doing something different for the footbed recently, I believe to increase arch support. Any ideas what this is?
Definitely interested if the Dover is on the 202. Maybe if on the 606.
Navy Crup from Cleverley.
I'm most excited by this Utah leather which I'm now certain is not the same as the horween stuff. Here is a quote from the Skoak thread;also was told directly from a retailer that it is delapre with printed pattern, and not from Horween. This is a good thing. Delapre is really supple as hell, so I think Utah should be similar.
New Posts  All Forums: