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Yes, I've not had any problems as Phillip will know what adjustment to make based on your name.Where did Bryan go BTW? Any idea?
I have this exact shoe. Love it.
I take it you are not a fan?
Are you sure about this? If so, it's a great deal.
Nice blog by the way. I'm sure you get this alot, but I wish there was an english translation!
I wish I was on that train. Sounds like fun.
Hi,J is actually correct. It is very rare for the first commission from a bespoke maker, be it a suit, sport coat, or especially shoes, to fit right. Sometimes it takes 2-3 or even 4 commissions. Think of it as an investment in time, and money.
What is SCP?
I have two pair of Alden suede PTBs for sale. They are both size 8.5E on the Barrie last. Both are in excellent to almost new condition and are perfect for the summer. Always worn with socks. First quality- they are just a little big. 1. Snuff suede. Worn a total of 4 times. Suff suede shows nap- there are NO scratches. What you see in the photos is raised nap in certain areas of the shoe. Asking $350---$325---SOLD 2. Navy suede. Worn ONCE. Asking...
New Posts  All Forums: