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What do you mean by semi-dressy? I would suggest suede if possible.
Everything I have from Poole is anti-sack. Too lazy to post fit pics though.
Really not a direct comparison. Actually, never mind. It's really not worth effort addressing this....
Maybe if they are shell. Calf will always need some frequent conditioning to last that long no matter how infrequently you wear them.
PM sent.
Figures. Beautiful shoes.
Very nice! JLSJ? I've not seen them do such clean work..
I have this fabric for sale for those interested. PM.
By the way I tracked down my lastmaker at JL who left. He made the best fitting last I've had and is now making his own shoes, lasts, and trees. http://stevenloweshoes.com/ going to have him make a few trees for me and if things work out, maybe a pair of shoes. Those of you in London should check him out. His prices are WAY lower than other London makers, and I'm sure the fit and quality will be fanstastic.
Heh. Yeah I get alot of grumbles from the crup. They are getting used to it, and the quality is going up alot. This pair had no tool marks. Cap toe derbies are going to be in brown antiqued.I've been wanting a pair of suede loafers. Scared that I won't get alot of life out of them though. What is china buck? You still using GG?
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