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All are nice, but I prefer the look of the Vass here.....
These are nice. Can you provide some details about the construction? Do you make your own lasts? Any pictures of the shoes at various steps in their construction?Thanks!
For me, it's in the finish, fiber content (i.e. if mixed with cashmere etc) and the pattern. I have a scabal herringbone (dark gray/ black, wool with cashmere) sport coat that is very urban, especially when hung next to my London Lounge herringbone (corn/camel shetland) sport coat.
My tailor had some swatches. Pretty nice stuff, but rustic looking. Don't have any other way of describing it.
Very nice! Are these antelope? How have they aged?
First application of Lexol nf worked quite well. Already more supple. Thanks again.
As always, very useful. Many thanks for the advice. Can we see some side images of your George Boots?
Did you get more shoes?! Pics!
Were these taken when you picked up your (very nice) new monks?
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