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Heh. Yeah I get alot of grumbles from the crup. They are getting used to it, and the quality is going up alot. This pair had no tool marks. Cap toe derbies are going to be in brown antiqued.I've been wanting a pair of suede loafers. Scared that I won't get alot of life out of them though. What is china buck? You still using GG?
From Cleverley I have a pair of navy crup loafers and a pair of ruby crup longwings, and from JLSJ a pair of plain toe bluchers in calf. I'm also trying out Foster and Son and have a pair of brogued captoe bluchers (the horror) on order.You? Anything in the pipeline?
To be honest I didn't even think about it. I wish I did though ;-)
Thank you. Yes, they are lined, and the double sole has a thin rubber membrane in the middle to make them more water resistant. With all of this, they are still pretty light!
Cleverley #4 Crup. The stitching on the storm welt was very clean....
Same here. Prefer 1b, but fine with 1a.
+1. And Harrison's oyster.
+1. I'm getting pretty fed up. I've had button flies made when I requested zippers, wrong collars put on shirts, no cuffs when cuffs were requested etc, differences in fit for trousers ordered at the same time. Also poor responsiveness via email, a big issue when this is their preferred mode of communication.Problem is there are no trouser makers that make good odd trousers at that price point. Sportcoats are a different issue.
Wait, what?
That's how they getcha. Sounds like a nice pair of shoes.
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