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Not sure about MTM, but bespoke tailors do this all the time. If they are good, the end result can be better than what you brought in. I think Luxire often works this way. Send in your favorite shirt and they replicate the collar and fit.
Beligan shoes Mr. Casual. Very comfortable. Although depending on the office environment, the bowtie might raise eyebrows.http://www.belgianshoes.com/menstyles.html
Depends on the quality of the cheaper cloth. If it is really bad quality fabric, the suit will always look cheap. On the other hand, you don't need top quality fabric at this price point. I would aim for medium priced cloth, but try to go with someone that knows a bit about fabrics. Before you get too caught up with hand vs. machine stitched, ask if the suits are fused, full or half canvassed.
This is pretty accurate. I suspect that utah is a bit more durable than standard delapre, since the stamping process tends to compress the leather fibers.
Sorry for the awful photos. This was done by Poole. They normally don't do a natural shoulder, and it took a couple of tries, but their shoulder is now my favorite among the makers I use.
Sounds nice to me. I have something similar in Molloy herringbone. It also has an action back and a faux belt in the back.
Never mind- I see the lining on the shell loafers now.
Really nice Rolf. Those Prince Alberts are turning out really great. How many skins did you have to order for that pair? Are the shell loafers going to be unlined?
Yes, ridgeway is much better than danite for outdoor uses. The rubber is softer, the tread is deep, and designed for things like hiking. Commando soles are better than Danite, but worse than ridgeway. I find the rubber on commando soles to be too hard and the studs too short for hiking. I would think that lug soles would be fine too.
I'd try Ben Silver, J Press, and O'Connel's. Brooks Brothers too. A bit early for this though.
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