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I wonder if EG has a long-term plan to replace all of their wooden lasts with Resin. Maybe they started with the 82 b/c it is one of the less popular lasts (no offense to 82 fans).
Not a big deal to me either way but you have Leffot and Axel's, two top tier EG merchants telling customers to size down on the new 82 lasted shoes. Not sure why they would do so unless they love returned merchandise.....
Was definitely a 1/2 size difference for me, but perhaps not for others.
I like the look of the eyelets for sure. Good choice for that shoe. A few look a bit mangled, but perhaps that's just due to the photograph.
Happy with the fit? What's going on with the eyelets?
Who made the pigskin pair?
Well, it's a luxury item and most luxury items have awful resale values. When I take out the credit card, I try not to think about it.......
I just heard that there was a change for the 82. Not sure about the others.
Not an internet rumor. Confirmed by Steven at Leffot, who would be clued in to this. To be honest when he told me I didn't think it was an issue- he convinced me to do the try on.Also confirmed by my own feet.....
Sorry, I reread my post and the last paragraph was confusing.The 82 last Galways from 2 years ago were smaller than the Galways I tried on a month ago that were built on the new 82 last of the same size.Therefore I had to size down a half size on the new 82 lasts.
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