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+1. Shoudler seams, arm holes and collars on previous orders were handstitched. Not sure what has happened.
Has anyone else noticed a decrease in handwork on their shirts? My last batch were almost 100% machine made? Only the shoulders were attached by hand.
Nah, to be Barrie you need to triple the heel width on that blank.
All of my bespoke overcoats are fully canvassed and have shoulder padding, although I am told that heavier cloths don't necessarily require this. There is significant additional handwork that goes into these overcoats due to the custom details on the back. This adds to the price. Subsequently, overcoats cost more than suits at my tailor.
I see. Good luck with the search.
If you are slim and well dressed. Think of what it looks like if you are out of shape and dressed like a slob....
I have several, but I have a thing for coats.
+1. Sans smoke.
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