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Are those Vibergs? If so, I can understand the reluctance to return them given how hard they are to source. Personally I would return them, however. It's not even a performance issue- they should not have been sold as firsts.
Any leads on navy on navy herringbones that are medium weight? This is for a sportcoat. Ideally it would be a medium sized bone and not so flimsy that it would be confused for an orphaned suit jacket. Something in a tight weaved shetland would be great. TIA
Nice. They look unlined?
Never heard of any of these. Decent?
You're welcome. I hope you find something.
15% off sale at Borghini Classics. Includes John Lobb- just snagged a pair of Lopez in brown museum calf for ~$800 USD shipped.
15% off sale at Borghini Classics. Includes EG.
Can't believe you are selling this. Great sportcoat!
For me, Bick4 replaced both of these products. Much more versatile IMHO.
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