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Thanks guys.
Anyone know if Edward Green or cordovan is included?
What color polish did you use? TIA
Thanks for looking DW. Maybe my last is just difficult to shape over? Anyhow, the tool marks don't affect my enjoyment of the shoes so those are not a big deal. The small tear in the cordovan on my boots is an issue b/c they were designed to be snow boots. The tear and the odd texture on those boots came from the factory and really do look like the cordovan was overstressed in that area and tore. The boots are still useful, but not really that water proof due to the...
At least 6.
My first EG MTO. Very versatile shoe.
The first set of photos, yes. The second set of photos, the ones I am asking about, is of a very popular JLSJ calf in a shade called "willow".
On a completely unrelated note, DW, do you know anything about this type of leather? The swatches looked just like any other leather, but it is creasing in an odd manner and will not take polish. The polish just sits on top. It almost looks and creases like book binder leather. Or it has a very thick finish on top. TIA.
Here are the pics.
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