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Edward Green Dovers for sale in Dark Oak Antique on HAF soles. These are on the rare 32 last size 8 1/2 9E. They have been worn two times and are in excellent condition. I'm asking $650 shipped CONUS.
That's right. Sorry for the error.
HAF are 1 1/2 thick at the forefoot, tapering to single near the heel. In terms of stiffness, they are in between double and single leather.Here is a pic. Not mine-
Nice looking suit. I agree with Rory- the perceived asymmetry looks like it is due to camera angle in both photos.
After my trip to London, I realized the virtues of a lightweight, comfortable, but presentable shoe for travel. Lightweight, comfortable shoes makes causal, long distance, city walking much more pleasant and are more easily packed. Right now I am using a pair of Alden unlined Crup PTBs with a single leather sole permeated with oil of some sort. It works extremely well for travel since it is light, formal enough so that I don't look like I"m wearing gym shoes,...
Holding up quite well. They definitely look better broken in. ....
These sound very nice. I hear Spigola is coming to the US. Please let us know how your shoes come along. The shoes are really fantastic.
Let's see it!
This is true. For me they make the best fitting shoes, however. I use them for casual shoes that I wear frequently when I know I'll be walking around alot. For these shoes finishing is not that important.
I wouldn't call the work shoddy. Everything is well made and made to LAST. This is quite evident during the design process when it is clear that reliability is the focus. There is just a general inattention to detail that I don't see with other bespoke makers.Finishing is not the top priority at JLSJ. You won't find the level of finish on their shoes that you would on a pair of Edward Greens for example. I don't think this is intentional. I have a feeling, after...
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