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Are you a PI? What field are you in? Unless you are in medicine, no. Way too formal. It will alienate your colleagues.
Beautiful sport coat!
I agree. Not sure why black shell gets such a bad rap. It does glow and acquires lots of character as it ages.
Dunno. Nicholas says d'Annonay. It's beautiful in real life- supple, and the ideal shade of chestnut.
Sorry. That was just a handy pic of a pair of Dovers I own. The 88 Analine will replace a pair of chestnut Dovers.....
I keep asking them to remove fullness from the chest. They'll fix it on the finished coat, then right back it comes on the next SC. I'll try clicking my heels next time though.....
Outrageous. That's EG top drawer pricing minus the almost limitless design flexibility.
Any leads on a semi-densely woven gray/black or brown/tan linen herringbone? TIA
New Posts  All Forums: