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Your tailor sounds very well priced so this changes things. Also, if you have not had a suit made from him/her before (don't want to presume anything here), it might not be a good idea to invest in expensive fabric.
That's what I use. It's fine.
Harrison's is bullet proof. Fox is also durable depending on weight. My only experience with VBC has been with RTW flannel trousers and I was not very impressed. Does not hold shape as well and started to become shinny on wear points.
Yes, but if you are making a suit out of it, the cost of the fabric should be a small percentage of the total cost. Same for trousers, although perhaps less so depending on who is making them....
IMHO Fox flannel is significantly nicer than VBC. I would also try Harrison's flannel, particularly the anniversary stuff that just came out. Really nice.
No, the leather in the photo is country calf.
Yeah, I wish I had gotten in on the brown. Was there a burgundy option too?
I missed out on the brown, but it looks like I'll be doing a Dover on the 202 MTO if the GMTO falls through. You?
Probably extremely comfortable though. Should have used the Utah up top to give it a punch.
+1. I think a double leather sole would look best on this.
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