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Some tailors and shoemakers charge higher rates for their overseas visits. Getting hit with the higher rates plus high tariffs is not fun.
I have several pair. Construction and finishing is top notch, as is color matching.
Anyone have 2.5 meters of the solid grey or solid light blue Harrison's anniversary tweed they want to part with? They are all sold out. Alternatively, leads on similar cloth would be highly appreciated. TIA
This is getting a bit out of hand and I am sorry to have even brought any of this up. For the record, I am a supporter of NSM and am happy with what I have received and will continue ordering from them. I would never suggest that they are scamming anyone. Dino and Mina are nice people and are principled. I simply noticed some changes to the last shirt order. It is totally possible that this was an isolated incident resulting from an error on the part of one of their...
Yeah. I'm not sure why and I hope I am not contributing to it b/c I actually like NSM. I'm just noticing lots of changes.
I'll do so when I am back home in a couple of days. Feel free to PM to remind me.
I never said that they were fully machine made. I said that there was less handwork. Do you have a reading deficiency?I also never said that I was unhappy with them nor that they lacked MOTHER of pearl buttons.I don't appreciate your insinuation that I am somehow being dishonest or that I don't understand the difference between a machine or a hand stitch.
I don't know if this was directed at me but due to context I will assume so. I never suggested that they were doing anything untoward nor was I trying to start a debate. I wanted to see if NSM changed the standard for the manufacture of their shirts as can happen from time to time - think Borelli.You might want to read my posts. I am going to ask the next time they are in town. If it is a change in standard manufacture, I'll simply shift to another shirt maker.
Honestly I am not certain. It's around $450 USD.
For sale, several lengths of Jacketing Left. London Lounge Lee Marvin 2.5 meters. Asking $400 shipped Lovat Mills Green Herringbone 2.25 meters. $225 ----[B]$200[/B] shipped SOLD John G Hardy Flannel. 2.5 meters. $250 $200 $180 shipped.
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