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Crocogator shoes look best when broken in.
Nicholas Templeman does....
You can wash the cotton rags with dish soap in the sink, or throw them in the washing machine.
Each their own I guess. You press your cords?
Nearly all of my bespoke shoes are like this. Some makers such as Foster and Sons and Lobb, are more accustomed to making a casual shoe and didn't need much coaching . Others, such as Cleverley, are more accustomed to making "sleeker shoes" and required a bit more back-and-forth.Some examples.
Maybe I'll have a topy put on the bottom and make them into a pair of faux "Belgian loafers"!
Thank you. Yes, they are hand apron stitched.
Fitting shoes for my Nicholas Templeman loafer last soon to be on my feet.
These are quite nice. Did they do a good job with the fit?
Thank you. The heel cup does look very straight, although that might be because they are unlined loafers, and the actual "cup" is a small piece of supporting material sewn behind a strip of suede. It's not uncomfortable.My other Cleverleys have heel cups with more shape to them with the exception of a pair of crup chukkas. On that pair the heel WAS uncomfortable for the first 4-5 wearings....
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