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+1. Although the JL Chambord II >>> EG Halifax.
They will make you anything that you want. Very flexible.
Great deal. Where do you get these coupons?!
Your tailor sounds very well priced so this changes things. Also, if you have not had a suit made from him/her before (don't want to presume anything here), it might not be a good idea to invest in expensive fabric.
That's what I use. It's fine.
Harrison's is bullet proof. Fox is also durable depending on weight. My only experience with VBC has been with RTW flannel trousers and I was not very impressed. Does not hold shape as well and started to become shinny on wear points.
Yes, but if you are making a suit out of it, the cost of the fabric should be a small percentage of the total cost. Same for trousers, although perhaps less so depending on who is making them....
IMHO Fox flannel is significantly nicer than VBC. I would also try Harrison's flannel, particularly the anniversary stuff that just came out. Really nice.
No, the leather in the photo is country calf.
Yeah, I wish I had gotten in on the brown. Was there a burgundy option too?
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