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I have a pair of Edward Green Chelseas for sale. These are timeless classics and are exceptionally well made. Goodyear welted with a closed channel outsole. Premium black calf on the 202 last. Size 8.5/9E . These shoes were worn for 5 hours. Asking $700 $650 shipped CONUS.
For flannel I'd take a look at fox's selections http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/cat/79/flannel For hopsack I'd look at Smith Woolens gilt edge (plenty of other options at Harrison's) For fresco I'd do Minnis. Other frescos are also nice, but I think Minnis would work best for a navy DB.
I'd go navy flannel. If that's too warm then Navy hopsack. If that's still too warm, then Navy fresco.
Is a medallion on the captoe okay?http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/boots/products/alden-3980h-cordovan-straight-tip-medaillon-toe-boot?variant=19695076935
Nicholas says its an old Freudenberg. The swatch he sent was great- if you are interested would secure what's left if possible.....
One of my favorite loafer styles.....
Looking forward to these. The other pairs I had made by Cleverley looked nice, but these really mirror the original.
Best Ramen is in South Bay. Heard Kiramachi is decent. It's close to where you stay....
Did you already hit Swan oyster or Tony's pizza?
Hi, I have 17 brand new Henry Poole hangers for sale. These came with suits or sportcoats that I purchased, but were put aside and never used. Asking $200 shipped for the set.
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