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These really came out well, especially the penny hole and strap. Very nicely proportioned and difficult to do correctly. I assume you designed them.
You must travel ALOT!This sounds very well thought out and I'm looking forward to seeing what you get made up. Do you mind posting pics of your current Cleverleys? Always nice to see well worn shoes....
I haven't tried Saphir creme universelle, although I've heard it works well. I've used renovateur and GlenKaren and like both as well. Bick4 is great b/c it gets absorbed easily, moisturizes very well, does not have a strong odor, and does not leave a greasy residue. It also works very well on shell and croc/alligator.
We should switch houses for a year. I've been trying to get a pair made by Koji for a long time.
So far so good. I have the least experience with them, but was very pleased with the shape and finish of the first pair. They also have alot of expertise in more casual shoes, which I like, but might not be your style. Will be using them more in the future.Their pricing is in-between Cleverlely and JLSJ. Was disappointed that they charge extra for trees, but the pricing for these is reasonable.
I've not used Gaziano and Girling, but have used John Lobb Saint James, Foster and Son and Cleverley. JLSJ will be way over budget (their croc prices are obscene) and Foster and Son less over budget, but this may be moot because I actually don't think they travel to HK, but I could be wrong. They've been expanding to other Asian cities recently.I use Cleverley the most. They make a lighter shoe, are easy to work with, and have the most reasonable pricing. I don't know...
Actually, I take that back. I don't know Gaziano and Girling pricing for croc, and they travel to Hong Kong. Anyone weigh in?
Of the London makers that travel to Hong Kong, Cleverley will be your only bet at that pricepoint.
I would stop what you are doing. It looks like you've removed the finish. Renomat is a bit hardcore for shell.
Totally agree with this.
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