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Looking good. Any side views? Is the sharkskin supple?
Something going on there with the welt.
Another update on my first pair of shoes by Nicholas Templeman. Based on the fit of the trial pair (which was already pretty good), Nicholas has made adjustments to my last. In order to get an idea of the changes, here are adjustments made just to the right shoe of the last.
A & S sounds pretty appealing. Have you used them recently? Are the rumors of shoddy workmanship true?
Lexol won't darken, but lexol nf darkens a bit, although to a lesser extent than neetsfoot. The nf stands for neetsfoot, but the lexol nf formulation is some sort of synthetic neetsfoot.
This happens with bespoke shoes too? It sounds like you are having fit issues. Have you mentioned this to your bespoke maker? Next time you do MTO, ask for a wider left shoe than right.
Have you tried using conditioner? Sometimes this has the desired effect depending on the leather. Can also try neetsfoot oil or lexol nf.
Very nice.@UrbanCompositionWould you mind sharing the source for the fabric?TIA
These came out quite nicely!
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