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I used to use fancy fabrics like Bonfanti, Carlos Riva etc. but got tired of how delicate the fabrics are and all the hang drying. Now I mainly use Thomas Mason and throw the shirts in the dryer without a second thought.
I've been looking forward to these Foster and Son's monks. Elastic makes the instep very comfortable!
I wish that trump would focus his energies on things that really matter, not stupid minutiae. Spicer does always look sloppy though...
Not mine but they do look great.
Looking forward to these!
He retired. Tad, the house tailor at J Press is a great alternative. He takes outside clients.
Straight-forward to return, but depending on where you are the return shipping can be very very expensive.
@Murlsquirl@dieworkwearPlease change the title! I'm fine with whatever. Ideas Derek?
I've tried to rename the thread to at least update the year. I couldn't figure out how to though......Thanks!
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