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I hope not. I've never understood why MTO and bespoke items are not picked up. Some detail in the order was seriously messed up or there is a defect? Or as you say something even worse.
They are top drawer no?
Gents. I'm trying to find these fabrics, or something like them. Any leads? Ed says the top one is Loro Piana... TIA
+1. I've had wear issues with cashmere/wool blends. Can be quite comfortable, however.
The Alt Wien by Vass is a classic. Great shoe. I have to say that I don't like Vass in general (due to the quality control issue that you mentioned), but the Alt Wein and the Norwegers are the two pair that I kept. Both on the P2.
I'm curious, who made your favorite pair of shoes? What do you like about them?
Yeah, I'm worried something is up too. Let's all buy to help Tom out!
I think LSBH is closed.
New Posts  All Forums: