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Any change in quality?
Nice looking shoe.
Lower magnification picture?
I have a pair of New In Box John Lobb Rio (the unlined suede version of the Lopez). They are made of very very high quality reverse calf suede that is unlined. They are size 7 1/2 EE UK or 8 1/2 wide US and are on the 1395 last. Asking $775 shipped CONUS.
^^^^ I was wondering why they asked me to put the next order on hold..... It's a shame. Wonder if there will be blowout pricing for current stock.
+1. I made the mistake of not lining mine. How hard is it to line pants after the fact?
Still lots of Galways in Brown Delapre on sale; http://www.sidmashburn.com/sale/footwear/dark-brown-edward-green-galway-boot.html $1200 isn't a screaming deal, but if you like Galways on the 82 you can get them here without a wait.
I wonder if adding additional lining at that area or running the stitching up a bit further would help. By the way, this is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping this thread would provide- advice so people designing new shoes can avoid potential problems. Thank again for the info!
All are nice, but I prefer the look of the Vass here.....
These are nice. Can you provide some details about the construction? Do you make your own lasts? Any pictures of the shoes at various steps in their construction?Thanks!
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