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Looking forward to these!
He retired. Tad, the house tailor at J Press is a great alternative. He takes outside clients.
Straight-forward to return, but depending on where you are the return shipping can be very very expensive.
@Murlsquirl@dieworkwearPlease change the title! I'm fine with whatever. Ideas Derek?
I've tried to rename the thread to at least update the year. I couldn't figure out how to though......Thanks!
Looking forward to this pair from Nicholas Templeman!
Well as close as possible given circumstances. My fault for not being able to go back for the final fitting. Shoes fit pretty well though I have to say!
Tad at J Press.
I got these from No man walks alone and basically never wore them. Great boots but not really my style. Worn 2-3 times. Size 8 which is roughly size 8.5 D US. Asking $450---$430. Here is info from the website; A redux of our original service boot with Viberg, this time in their classic aged bark roughout. Sturdy but comfortable, these are the kind of boots that only get better with age - there's a reason we had to do this same makeup again. Full grain uppers; aged...
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