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What about Dege or NSM? Not local but they visit Boston and do CMT.
A couple of years ago Gerd introduced me to the folks at Maftei and I had a pair of MTO shoes made. The construction and price point were fantastic. Bespoke was not practical given the distance, however, and Maftei did not travel to Boston. Now that Thomas is in my back yard, I'll be trying out their bespoke. Thanks again for the info.
Thanks for the very informative post!!
Hey Derek, I agree with you on the welting. Personally would not go Norwegian for that shoe.Is the storm welt for water resistance? How about veldtschoen construction instead of the storm welt? More water resistant if that's what you are looking for. I had a pair of Cleverleys made up with a storm welt. They came out okay, but I'd probably do Veldtschoen if I made that shoe again. A different look though. Anyhow, just an idea.
Well I do at least. I just got tired of putting so much effort into washing and hang drying the shirts. Life is too busy/short.
From Italian makers I get the collars unlined with a semi-spread collar. From English makers I usually ask for the lightest lining and button down collars. Always no fusing.
Yes to both.
I used to use fancy fabrics like Bonfanti, Carlos Riva etc. but got tired of how delicate the fabrics are and all the hang drying. Now I mainly use Thomas Mason and throw the shirts in the dryer without a second thought.
I've been looking forward to these Foster and Son's monks. Elastic makes the instep very comfortable!
I wish that trump would focus his energies on things that really matter, not stupid minutiae. Spicer does always look sloppy though...
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