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Did you get measured by Steven or did you send shoes and take measurements yourself?
I have several trousers made from the donegals. Very soft and comfortable. They are unlined, and so far no durability issues.
Some cool stuff here. Thinking of making a shirt out of this so that I can be the obnoxious American when I travel;http://fabric.thehill-side.com/collections/everything/products/cotton-linen-blend-geometric-flower-print-orange
My unsolicited opinion? The LL gunclub 5 all the way. Great fabric.
Say it is size 36X32 Canadian. That will really confuse him.
Not very nice.Also the eastern seaboard of the US is a very broad term that includes warm, south eastern states such as Florida. These states are almost certainly warmer than England regardless of time of year.I assume you mean the Northeast which is, as you say, significantly colder than England during the winter, but not during the summer. The summer in the northeast will be warmer than England.
Pros1. Easy to care for2. Last a long time3. Good in the rain4. Can be perceived as informalCons1. Can be perceived as informal2. Some say it limits breathability3. Can be stiff in the cold4. Take longer to break in5. Slippery on ice
So jealous. Congrats!
Noice shoes. How is the leather on these new old stock vintage finds? Do you have to do much to bring them back to life?
Great stuff here at a great price!
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