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You've hit the sweet spots there.
I have a pair of St. Crispins' for sale. Size 8 1/2F EUR or the equivalent of 9.5D US. They are in excellent condition and have been worn no more than 4-5 times. Selling because they are too big. Asking $650 shipped CONUS. As you can see they have my initials "PC" on the sole. Show your support for political correctness, or for PC computers!
Ah, thanks for letting me know. Thankfully, no one changed the listing to something profane....
You can get Marlows on sale for $475 or less....
Crocogator shoes look best when broken in.
Nicholas Templeman does....
You can wash the cotton rags with dish soap in the sink, or throw them in the washing machine.
Each their own I guess. You press your cords?
Nearly all of my bespoke shoes are like this. Some makers such as Foster and Sons and Lobb, are more accustomed to making a casual shoe and didn't need much coaching . Others, such as Cleverley, are more accustomed to making "sleeker shoes" and required a bit more back-and-forth.Some examples.
New Posts  All Forums: