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Nope. Sadly true. JLP is even more than 6K US. Craftsmanship is higher though.
Uniqueness yes. Also, RTW that fits well will still not fit as well as bespoke, after your bespoke last has been perfected. I did not know what proper fit was until bespoke. In addition bespoke shoes are significantly lighter than their RTW counterparts, designs being equal. This has many obvious benefits.By the way, you don't need to go to the expense of JLSJ to get the benefits of bespoke.....
Would you mind sharing some insights into the differences between UK, Japanese, and Horween shell cordovan? It seems you have experience with all three.
True. There is something there though that makes them worth the upcharge. At least for me. Some sort of balance between sturdiness and comfort and lack of daintiness that tells you to wear the shoes and not obsess about them. I wear my JLSJ the most of all of my shoes....
I've actually been going in the opposite direction recently- no antiquing on new shoes, and I try to avoid polish that creates that effect. Kind of refreshing to be honest.
pricing is a steal too....
Here you go.
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