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Interestingly Huntsman waxed flesh has seen a recent resurgence. It's being used for faux work boots and casual shoes b/c it quickly looks distressed.
Is this what you're talking about?http://horween.com/101/the-leather-that-has-3-names/
Thanks for the advice guys. Started simple with this pair; http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/footwear/boots/service-boot-rust-horween-chromexcel-roughout-suede.html Now that I'm wearing jeans again, have a feeling I'm going to be jumping into the Viberg rabbit hole....
Wonder when it was in use or, if used on shoes, where. All of my JLSJ are stamped "Lobb".
I realize you guys must get this question alot, but how do the various Viberg lasts compare to the Alden Barrie? I searched for this and saw lots of conflicting answers..... TIA
Thanks for the info- I'll have to buy a pair to try out. High end boots are nice, but frankly workboots are often more comfortable.
What's the story with Viberg? How is the quality vs. Alden work boots? TIA
Both will stretch. The Harvard, which is unlined, will stretch more.
What kind of leather are the loafers? Even cordovan will loosen up a bit. Calfskin, more and suede even more. I have suede loafers that were tight at first, and became sloppy after 10 wears.
I downloaded a ton of images from the internet and sent them to him. We then went over the options and how each would work with a stitched lake.Nicholas is great to work with b/c he listens and provides lots of feedback.
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