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This does happen in some of the bigger cities. You'll see announcements pop up now and again.
Just joking around. Danskos are part of the uniform at lots of hospitals out here- doctors, nurses etc. wear them. Not particularly expensive but I'm told they are very comfortable.
Wait, aren't you an MD? I thought all doctors wear Danskos around the hospital...
I assume these are new shoes? They'll break in just like leather soles will. I find them very comfortable but some might disagree.
Get some barge cement, then apply with a toothpick.....
Wow, nice shirts!
+1. If the fit is really off, more often than not they will remake the shoe. Sometimes they make "adjustments".
I would purchase products designed for leather. More specifically, I would use products designed for shoe leather.
I agree with the above for conditioners. Seems to be contrary to alot of SF advice, but it works. For creams and polish I prefer to add a little at a time though.
YES! Really looking forward to getting my length. Thanks again for putting this together. Always interested in special runs of lighter fabrics.
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