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Naked & Famous Slim Guy Black Selvedge size 30, brand new without tags. Purchased ages ago from Tobi, and has been sitting in my closet since. (I ordered the Skinny Guy Black Power Stretch in 32, but was sent this instead...) I’m located in Singapore, and will ship to most places by registered post for a flat rate of $10. Item details here.
Anyone have the measurements for the v-neck in XS?
I'm definitely not keen on a thick shirt, just one that isn't see through.
Yes. The cut and material are perfect, but way too thin, and there's an awkward sizing gap between S and M.
UK shipping, please.
Looking for a N&F Skinny Guy / APC Petit Standard style cut (low rise, slim, tapered) but better quality denim. Suggestions?
I've went through the last 50 pages of this thread and couldn't find a clear answer so, how much does the PS stretch? An inch? Or two inches?
NFDenim: Is the Indigo Power Stretch still being made?
Is the Indigo Power Stretch never coming back in stock?
Oh right. Hadn't noticed...
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