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I prefer #2. Are those white cuffs?
When done well it can be outstanding. I have used in for suit linings, ties and socks. I have recently been drawn to the monochrome paisley, like the Kent Wang Navy Grenadine.
I have a chipp2 navy grenadine. I believe it was under $50 shipped. You need to call him as the website only shows items realting to dogs. He will send you swatch samples for the greandine ties.
If by Woody Allen you mean you have a long face, try a spread or cut-away collar. This will help square off your jaw line. In the same sense, stay away from narrow pointed collars, as it will make your face shape appear longer.
I think a light lavender with a plum grenadine tie would look great. A pink shirt with a solid black tie would look good as well.
I have heard great things about VM Clothiers. Give Vishal a call at (703) 981-8814
Why not get the Black PA and the Walnut Strand? They are both on the same alst, so fit SHOULD be consistent.
The pictures are hard to get a true reflection of the overall fit. I would recommend a few tweaks here and there, but overall I would be satisfied as your first MTM venture. Did you take the measurements yourself or did you go to a local tailor?
How do the Leeds compare in fit to you Park Ave.'s? I love my PA's but the Leeds are on a different last.
Anyone else see this in today's journal? By RAY A. SMITH Hickey Freeman, the men's label that for decades has been a go-to American suit brand for bankers and lawyers, is undergoing a big makeover in the hopes of boosting its fashion cred. The change is part of a broader attempt to resuscitate the 123-year-old clothing manufacturer formerly known as Hartmarx Corp., which makes Hickey Freeman and other clothing. It filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009, just...
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