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Very nice
Hi Bought my first pair of EGs and they turned out to be half a size too big for me. Please note the minor shopwear on the soles of one of the shoes in the pics. Price is 675 USD including worldwide shipping with tracking. Regards
Got my first EG today, Pelham in dark oak. Half a size too big .....
quick sizing question [[SPOILER]]
Try putting the tracking number in Australia Post website
I have a Belstaff (forgot which model, all look so similar) and was about to disagree with your comment till I saw their site
Just noticed the mobile version of the site. Love it Thank you to the SF team
Thanks, but how come you don't take credit cards ?
Does Royal Mail Airsure provide a tracking number for international shipments ?
Why are ppl talking about 10.5 and 11 ? Were they available earlier and got sold out ? Interested in 11, I assume it would be 10uk
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