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What am I missing ? Grey trousers, blue shirt, dark knit / grenadine tie, one of your own drakes PS is the standard SF look. Should look great with both.
200 USD
+1, I agree with every word you wrotebut prepare thy anus
Looks like Belvest
I planned to get a black bandhgala ( closed neck in Hindi) made for this winter but forgot all about it. I intended to wear them to weddings. But then I am Indian and live in Delhi
880101 for me followed by 880012
Very nice
Hi Bought my first pair of EGs and they turned out to be half a size too big for me. Please note the minor shopwear on the soles of one of the shoes in the pics. Price is 675 USD including worldwide shipping with tracking. Regards
Got my first EG today, Pelham in dark oak. Half a size too big .....
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