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I personally think that Lange has a certain restraint in its designs that I don't find in GO maybe because of its logo. That said, a couple of GOs from 2-3 years back were very very nice and I would have bought one of those had it been available in SS.
Which of these 2 ? Carmina looks a little too pointy, Church's looks too fuddy duddy
Any idea what would be the last of the black captoe ?
Is he also turning his back to shirts ?
Was the next size smaller too tight for you ?
That cloth would make a great SC
You can surely find a better suited PS from your own stuff. I wear the other 3 things with all my SCs.
Does Vass take PayPal or credit card ? I can't send a bank transfer from India, too many forms to fill
What am I missing ? Grey trousers, blue shirt, dark knit / grenadine tie, one of your own drakes PS is the standard SF look. Should look great with both.
New Posts  All Forums: