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Most are too pointy and sleek for my taste but I guess that lovers of G&G Deco would find them very attractive
You should be able to find something very similar in Boglioli or Lubiam
Are those the tropical wool ones or the 4 seasons ?
eBay seller goldlabelny has cucinelli boots for 399 usd
Paul & Friends has some Carmina and Tricker's on sale
Paul & Friends has some Carminas on sale
Got a pair of new chukkas, Bodiley's Glaston, made by Cheaney. They seem a little too pointy to me. Here they are next to my battered AS Havants
Agree abOut their taste level. I bought some stuff 2 years back and they are very nice people. I do believe that their wool pocket squares come from the same source as Howard Yount's.
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