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I bought a pair of CJ and they arrived today. Thanks to the OP for the PSA
What would be the p2p of sizes medium and large in slim fit and extra slim fit sports shirts ? Thanks
Thanks for the PSA. Bought a pair of CJ Chepstow. I hope they have all the listed sizes in stock
Thanks, bought a pair.I hope the sizes are UK sizes as mentioned. I am always apprehensive about sizing when buying from US based stores.
I thought it looked great
The result of this no shipping outside the EU policy will be that AS will lose sales in all countries where they have zero presence such as India. AFAIK, no store here carries AS (or any other English shoes for that matter) and now online vendors will not ship to India. Definitely a loss to Indians like me but we will move to other brands ... in the end it will be AS's loss
Most are too pointy and sleek for my taste but I guess that lovers of G&G Deco would find them very attractive
You should be able to find something very similar in Boglioli or Lubiam
Are those the tropical wool ones or the 4 seasons ?
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