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Could you measure the P2P of the size 48 ?
I would rather see skin than socks. IMO, each of those examples can be improved by either wearing lace ups or losing the socks.I seriously think loafers are v casual shoes and look good only when work casually
The only way to wear loafers IMO, feel free to disagree
Whats the point of loafers if you are going to wear socks ? Might as well wear lace-ups
Return request have to be sent to some @foxmail email address. I seriously doubt myntra or it's affiliates would be handling returns this way
The only reference I found to myntra is in the about us section, myntra is a legit ecommerce site here in India and I doubt they would stock fakes knowingly. I would assume that these chaps just copied the about us section of myntra without changing the specifics
They shippeby by DHL and I had to pay around 120 usd in duties. DHL fees were around 4-5 usd
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