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I placed an order on the 12th, got shipping notification yesterday
Based solely on the pictures posted, he seems like a cool dude. Way less uptight that typical politicians or for that matters members of this forum
Is it possible to open a size 16 and give the actual chest and waist measurements ?
Are the Benjamin shirts super duper slim at the waist ? Size 16 has a waist of 38.8" a drop of 7" from the chest measurement.
Thanks, not sure if they will work for me. I wear 9.5 in UK shoes and 10.5 in US
What size do you wear in other English shoes e.g. C&J?
They used ups to ship to India. Had to pay duty.
Very nice, very fair price too
Great, thanks for asking.And, WTF, you have 48000 posts now ?! Were you not at 10000 around a year back ?
Great stuff especially the suits. Did Greg share the pricing for the suits ?
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