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Great stuff especially the suits. Did Greg share the pricing for the suits ?
Could you post the measurements of this ? also, are the trousers double pleated or flat front ?. Solid Gray Herringbone Peak Lapel SUPER 120 Dual Vent Suit - 40 R - $495 Thanks
What's the diameter ?
The sleeves look to be a little long for a R suit. Can you measure them again. Are the sleeves finished or unfinished ? Also, the color to be mid grey in the pics. Is the actual color darker than the pics ?
The length is from the top of the collar or the bottom ?
Could you measure the P2P of the size 48 ?
I would rather see skin than socks. IMO, each of those examples can be improved by either wearing lace ups or losing the socks.I seriously think loafers are v casual shoes and look good only when work casually
The only way to wear loafers IMO, feel free to disagree
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