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Thinking of getting a shirt made in this cloth with a spread collar to wear with SC and tie. Any thought ? http://luxire.com/products/blue-denim-slubby-chambray
SB, I didn't know that. Thanks
I sent this pic to them by PM. They said "The shirt in the image seems to have 3.5" points and 1.75" band height. The shave is similar to our Italian, except a little more tie space". I order 3.5" points and 1.5" band height since I feel uncomfortable in a high band height.
Of the cheapest blue fabrics, I randomly chose two. 1x Easy-to-Iron Blue Chambray 1x Pale Blue Poplin 2/100 I have already opened the shirts so pictures won't be possible. It seems that the picture has been resized while uploading from my iPad
My shirts are here. Nailed the fit in the first attempt. Very pleased with the whole experience
I placed an order on the 12th, got shipping notification yesterday
Is it possible to open a size 16 and give the actual chest and waist measurements ?
Are the Benjamin shirts super duper slim at the waist ? Size 16 has a waist of 38.8" a drop of 7" from the chest measurement.
Thanks, not sure if they will work for me. I wear 9.5 in UK shoes and 10.5 in US
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