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I have this shirt and wanted to order more of the same. But, for some reason, clicking the 'Customize and Buy' button just brings me back tot the same page. Is this sold out or something ?
Can luxire copy the measurements and style from my previous order of 15 months back ? Want to order more shirts but feeling too lazy to take measurements again
Hi I am looking to replace my current desk. The models available from international manufacturers in India is quite limited though I can get a good custom made desk from my local furniture vendor but the cable management hardware and related stuff is just not available with him. The available options are 1. Fantoni 2. Steelcase 3. DVO What are your thoughts on these ? Regards
Can you post measurements of the first one ?
What's the back rise on these ?
Can you post the measurements ? Of all 3 if it's not too much trouble Thanks
Do you ship outside the US and Canada ? Specifically, to India?
Can you get this in 9.5?
I would be interested in tropical wool trousers as well. Medium to dark grey.
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