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Can you post measurements of the first one ?
What's the back rise on these ?
Can you post the measurements ? Of all 3 if it's not too much trouble Thanks
Do you ship outside the US and Canada ? Specifically, to India?
Can you get this in 9.5?
I would be interested in tropical wool trousers as well. Medium to dark grey.
Peter Marino styel
I really should have, just didnt cross my mind that the order confirmation email would have full details. Anyway, I checked my mail after your advise and funnily I dont have any mail from luxire maybe because I didnt create an account while ordering the first time.
Is there any way of getting full details of my previous order ? I want to order more shirts with the same measurements as last time and dont want to go through the hassle of taking measurements again
India Post offers EMS with tracking number in the standard format of AB123455165IN and should be trackable in the destination country also. However, Luxire would have to send someone to the post office and the paperwork would have to be filled there. We are talking about one of the slower Indain government departments here. I am sure Fedex and UPS offer them pickup with very little headache of documentation.
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