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Brand new in box. Simply stunning belt with a beautiful tobacco brown suede and nickel buckle. Size 32 / 80 cm, comes with box and dust bag. Retails for $120 plus shipping, but you can have it for $99 shipped CONUS.
I asked Nick as well, and he said that the full Decos are constructed--handmade--with a tighter waist; can/do you see this distinction compared to the standard models on the deco last?
grc1, that's tremendously helpful. Can you remind me what the additional construction features are of the full Deco models? I've seen some references here and there on the thread but I don't think sny one post has had a comprehensive answer. Thanks very much.
Having just looked at the MTO page as I'm about to begin a Deco order, it's not apparent to me what the MTO surcharge was before this special offer. There was no reference to it in the price of the Deco models. Can anyone clarify?
Third and final fitting with Piero Cisternino in Florence. He narrowed the sleeves 2cm, and after these photos I had him taper the end of the sleeves another 1cm. His workshop is a mess but he does great work. The fit is great and the handwork very nice. The fabric on both is very fine and as a result you see every pull and tug on the fabric, but the hand, and drape, is incredible. Used my own blue mother-of-pearl buttons. Apologies for the poor photos (including my...
I agree on the lapel width. I had asked for a higher and wider lapel, similar to a Neapolitan style (even provided a photo as an example), but I think he defaulted to his Florentine style. My main objective at the next fitting is to ensure the sleeves are slimmed and tapered and the waist is a bit more narrowed via the front panels. From the back it looks fine.We'll see how the finished suits come out.
It is; he and his brother are very nice and they treat me like family when I visit. He did a great job giving the jackets structure with even the lightest of canvas, and overall the quality of work is very good, but the sleeve width is an issue for me (obviously too wide) and he didn't give me the lapel width and height that I had originally requested. I think he resorted to his classical Florentine style, which at the end of the day is still appealing.Assuming he has...
2nd fitting for two 2-button suits with Piero Cisternino in Florence. Both are lightweight Scabal tick weaves and the construction of the suits is lightweight as well. Having a bit more waist suppression done and, clearly, having the sleeves narrowed. Going for 3rd fitting soon. Light blue-grey: Light-mid blue: Sartoria Cisternino:
Coming into this thread late, but I'm going to my third fitting with Piero Cisternino in Florence next week. Two 2-button suits with lightweight Scabal superfine wool fabrics shipped to him. Piero and his brother are very nice.Will report back soon.
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